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Three years ago at this time I attended my first Collective as a Microsoft employee who was responsible for growing the Sitrion (then NewsGator) business on the Microsoft platform. 24 months later I am now attending my third Collective as part of the Sitrion team. There has been rapid change in the market over these past 24 months, but one thing remains constant and that is my passion for helping our partners grow their business with Sitrion solutions while meeting our valued customers needs. 


I love Collective because it provides me with an opportunity to connect with our customers and see the amazing and unique ways they are using the Sitrion platform to overcome everyday business challenges by unlocking the power of connected people via mobile applications, social engagement, and business process simplification.


One of the primary reasons our customers are getting value out of our platform is that we have an ecosystem of incredible partners that help customers get the most out of our software. To put it simply... they make work better. For instance, our 2013 Partner of the Year, iMason, jumped in and embraced Sitrion ONE and our mobile development platform to deliver their Collective 2014 EUREKA app in less than 2 days.  You can learn more by attending their next next webinar.

Another great example is Unisys, who was recognized as our 2013 Emerging Partner. Unisys has extended our platform to socially enable process management for Peoplesoft enviornmnents. We really love these kinds of stories!


As our VP of Business Development it is my job to ensure that we have an excellent partner program that helps our partners drive their business forward while providing an outstanding customer experience on our platform. As many of our business partners have heard during Collective 2014 our platform extends beyond social now and the opportunities to meet your customers needs with our technology has never been greater!


Thank you to all our partner sponsors iMason, Unisys, Microsoft, SPR Consulting, Synergy, Definity First, Webtrends, and HiSoftware for another great Collective experience, and congratulations again to iMason and Unisys.


If you are interested in becoming a Sitrion partner, click here to learn more.


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