Don’t Gamble on Your Social Project’s Success

A recap of the 2013 SHARE Conference in Melbourne, Australia.

It’s as if the weatherman knew we were coming, Melbourne put on perfect blue skies for this year’s SHARE Conference. The location: Crown Casino, Melbourne. Most well-known for its fancy hotels, exotic restaurants, and of course it’s many gaming facilities.

The annual event did not disappoint as businesses from a wide spectrum of industries gathered to discuss all things SharePoint, and how to get more out of it.

Shifting Perspectives and Power to the (Non-)Punter!

Of particular interest was the fact that SharePoint integration with Social was a key topic of discussion. As a result, conversations with some attendees started to shift from ‘Why do I need Social?’ to ‘How do we do it?’

With the backdrop of the casino, NewsGator was there to show that Social success was too valuable a thing to gamble on. Sourced from the experience of hundreds of projects, and in collaboration with customers and partners, NewsGator’s Adoption Framework is a proven process for encouraging social adoption and delivering increased business value.

Best Practices and the Smarter Way Forward.

With this underlying theme, Maya Corfield of NPS MedicineWise, provided an insightful presentation on best practices to find business value in Social Initiatives.

Maya cleverly started her talk by telling the audience to chat to the person next to them about one thing they’d learned whilst at SHARE. Once the conversations were really starting to take off, she abruptly halted the conversations and remarked that wouldn’t it be great if everything the audience had been sharing with each other, was online, open, saved and searchable. Powerful stuff. NPS used NewsGator to take its ‘highly skilled but with a slight fear of technology’ workforce that was geographically and departmentally siloed, and enabled them to innovate, shift culturally and capitalise on their intangible assets.

As a result, unique users interacting on the homepage was up by 300% within 3 months, and 71% of staff surveyed believe the intranet is ‘business critical’.

NewsGator was proud to sponsor the conference again this year, and is happy to see signs of a maturing market in relation to Social. Successful social projects are not random luck, rather they are more a science that can be done right. No gambling needed. Reach out to us if you want to find out more!


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