E is for Entigration

At Sitrion, our mission is to Make Work Better. This is really a mission about increasing productivity and engagement of individual employees in an enterprise. Part of it is providing a great user experience and part of it is fitting in with the realities of companies.

The truth about enterprise mobility is that it’s like an iceberg. Most users only see a small portion compared to all the parts needed to make it work. Because Sitrion ONE is a mobile app solution for enterprises, which means that our solution has to fit in with the other systems and procedures. If a software product doesn’t, it simply will never succeed in most companies.

Since I’ve always been fascinated with the part of the iceberg under the water, I thought it would be fun to share a few updates on the enterprise integration enhancements in Sitrion ONE. And while I’m at it, I decided to make up my own word for enterprise integration. So here’s the latest in ONE Entigration!

ONE for all

Email address is a common way to identify users in the enterprise. It’s unique and gives you a built-in way to communicate with the user. However, a lot of companies have deskless employees, where not every user has an email address. Sitrion ONE originally relied on having an email address both to identify the user and which company to associate that user. Over the last few months, we’ve given ONE the ability to handle users without email addresses and still ensure proper security and manageability of users. We work with each company individually to figure out the best solution to easily onboard all users – even ones without corporate logins.

Groups for ONE

One of the most popular use cases in Sitrion ONE is delivering targeted communications through mobile devices, which provide an excellent channel for supporting employee engagement. But it’s critical to send the right message to the right users for this to work effectively. In most companies, user groups are defined in places like the HR system or email distribution lists. To give ONE the power of targeting these groups without lots of additional work, we automatically make your groups available in Sitrion ONE to target your messages. We work with each customer to easily target audiences in ONE based on the data you already have in your internal systems.

United we stand

The great teamwork between Sitrion ONE and your company systems relies on another critical area of “entigration.” ONE has always included a built-in capability for communicating securely between the cloud and premise-based systems. This opens up great possibilities for easily allowing access to SharePoint, SAP and other backend systems to let users easily search for documents, approve a travel request, find an expert, and much more. Just like everything else with enterprises, this secure communication capability needs to fit with the architecture and security standards. So, we recently built an entirely new secure connectivity option based on the needs of one of our large customers. The new option gives them additional controls over communications to meet their internal security standards. Sitrion building a totally new option in a couple of weeks is a little bit like waking up to find a completely new bridge has been built across that river you have to cross every day on your commute.

Committed to our mission to ‘Make Work Better’

Whether or not “entigration” catches on as a shortcut for enterprise integration, it’s clearly been an area of focus for our Sitrion ONE mobile product over the last few months. While the details of each of these capabilities might not be interesting to everyone, the reality is that a lot is below the surface, and if a product doesn’t handle the real integration requirements, it can never truly succeed. We’ve put a lot of work into “entigration” for Sitrion ONE because we really are committed to our mission to “Make Work Better” for all enterprise employees. 

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At Sitrion, we have one clear mission – to make work better for employees around the world. The Sitrion ONE employee app enables you to reach and engage your entire workforce on mobile devices.

Brian Kellner, Chief Technology Officer

Brian Kellner is responsible for Sitrion's product strategy and development. Brian has held product or development management positions for over a dozen years. Most recently he was Vice President of Enterprise Products for Webroot Software. Brian holds a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an M.S. in Management from Colorado Tech.


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