GDPR ready with your employee app

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now binding. GDPR protects data privacy for all European citizens, no matter where they reside or the data processor resides. This means that if your organization processes data from just one European citizen, you need to comply with GDPR.

It’s time to take action

Due to the digitalization, the expansion of the Internet and the wealth of data through social media channels in recent years, it was neccessary to make data processing companies accountible. And that is exactly what the GDPR does. The two most important changes for companies are the amount of fines for infringements which is now up to 20 million Euros or 4% of group revenues and the reversal of the burden of proof. In the past, a data protection offence had to be proven by the person concerned. Now, however, companies must prove that they have fulfilled all their obligations in handling personal data. This places great demands on internal processes and processes with suppliers, e.g. with Sitrion as part of an employee app project.

New rights for EU citizens are a major challenge

Companies are also facing another major challenge. In principle, GDPR grants many rights to data subjects, including rights to information, the right to correction and the right to cancellation. Data must be processed in a lawful and comprehensible manner for the data subject and may only be collected for specified, clear and legitimate purposes. The data must be appropriate to the purpose and limited to what is necessary for the purposes of the processing. This means high demands on the IT system landscape to really manage all data according to the law.

How does Sitrion help you to ensure a GDPR compliant employee app?

Sitrion started early to take organisational measures as well as to implement the Privacy by Design principle into the employees App Sitrion ONE.

Organisational measures

Sitrion appointed a data protection officer years ago to assist you in all matters. Every customer and prospective customer gets all GDPR and IT Security details in writing and in web sessions. In addition, a GDPR compliant contract is concluded with each customer which documents the technical and organizational measures and includes an Audit Report based on the industry Standard SOC2. All persons entrusted with customer tasks, product development and adaptation are specially sensitized to the topic of data protection and all activities are always carried out with a view to data minimization and data protection by design. These and all data security measures are certified annually in accordance with the globally recognized SOC2 standard. The SOC2 report is made available to all customers on an annual basis.

Product features designed for GDPR

Many new features have been added in the last six months and a number of other features are planned. All you need to use the employee app is your first and last name and an e-mail address. The email address can even be an alias or fake-email. More data is not necessary to use the platform (data minimization). In addition, the right to be forgotten (deletion of data), the right to information and the right for full transparency have already been implemented. Before the first use, every user consents with the terms of use, which describes the collected data and their use. If a user withdraws his consent or requests information about all stored data, the data will be deleted or delivered at the push of a button. Furthermore, the Employee App platform includes the Privacy Protection Mode, which is activated by default. This mode hides or anonymizes numerous reports, prevents any profiling activities and ensures data minimization.

More benefits using the Sitrion ONE employee app

GDPR compliant Messenger 
Using Facebook-Messenger, iMessenger or WhatsApp can be major data protection risk. FB Messenger and WhatsApp for example automatically accesses the phone book, transfers the data to Facebook and thus represents a potentially reportable data privacy incident. In addition, contents of Chats often contain personal or security-relevant data, which represents a data privacy risk as well. Sitrion ONE's chat function offers your employees a safe, GDPR-compliant Messenger.

Secure access to HR data and processes
Many HR processes such as absences, paystubs, working hours or even master data changes are still paper-based. To realize secure digital access to such highly sensitive data is very complex. Sitrion ONE offers GDPR compliant, secure access and changes to HR data and processes. Sensitive data is not stored on the telephone, it is only highly secured transferred and displayed at the time of the request and are therefore GDPR-compliant.

Confirmation of GPDR instructions via the employee app
Companies are now increasingly obliged to provide better training and regular instruction to employees as part of the implementation of the GPDR. With the Sitrion ONE employee app you can reach all employees, send instructions including the possibility to have it confirmed directly with one click. With this you fulfil your GDPR obligation extremely efficiently.

Learn more about our GDPR ready employee app

We would be happy to introduce your new employee app to you in a personal meeting or you can try it out on your phone.
If you have any questions regarding GPDR, DSGVO, data protection and the possibilities offered by Sitrion ONE, please do not hesitate to contact me in my capacity as data protection officer. You can reach me at

Markus von Aschoff, VP, Portfolio Management

As the Vice President of Portfolio Management, Markus is responsible for the strategic product portfolio and product & solutions lifecycle. His tasks range from market research, customer and partner interviews to conceptualizing, evangelizing and productizing new solutions for the Sitrion product portfolio. He works closely with R&D, marketing, sales, and professional services to find the next big thing for Sitrion and to get it into the market ahead of the competition. Prior to Sitrion he co-founded a strategy consulting company, helped entrepreneurs to quadruple their business, and started two martial arts schools having trained more than 500 martial arts students.


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