Git R Done

One of our government customers was going through a change of leadership. The new leader was moving his home and family to his new assignment, and in transit saw one of those “Git R Done” hats at a rest stop. Having a reputation for being an intellectual, he made quite an impression on his team when he shared how his new hat reflected the mandate of his new position.

As a software application builder, I’ve been virtually wearing that hat for years now.  
I need tools and processes that help me quickly get a solution in front of a customer to see if it meets their needs. If it’s not quite right, I need to be able to tweak it quickly and get it back in front of them.
That’s was our thinking when we designed Sitrion ONE. There are a ton of very simple things we do each day that we would actually get done if we could do them from our mobile device.
Imagine being able to quickly submit an idea to an innovation campaign from your mobile device? If you’re like me, you’re far more likely to share the idea when it first comes to you which is often while you are away from your computer. This immediate accomplishment is almost fun.
You know what’s even more fun? Writing the mobile app in a matter of hours that lets you do this simple task with Sitrion ONE! For someone who hasn’t written a program in 15 years, I was pretty impressed.
What regular tasks in your organization could be made super easy by doing them on your mobile device?  
And what if you could just open an app builder, make the app, and Git R Done?

Chris Keyes, Director, Product Management

Chris has been with Sitrion for over 10 years and has a long background creating collaborative technology for Fortune 500 companies and large public sector organizations like the US Military. His passion is to work directly with customers to build cool software products. Chris is also a proud grandpa (“Poppy”), late-starting runner, and active church-goer.


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