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As companies continue to become more distributed, it’s important to make sure employees continue to have access to company IP that matters to their role. For example, remote field sales representatives will want to be able to accurately check inventory, order status, and product information. On the other hand, a customer service representative will be more interested in staying informed about their account escalations, support tickets, and resolution times. No matter what responsibilities fall within a given role, access to internal company information, especially while on the go, can present a challenge.

Illinois Brick was suffering from a similar problem before turning to Sitrion and SPR Consulting for help. As a leader in the brick distribution business, they wanted to give their sales representatives a way to access company inventory and order data. They were already using SAP but wanted to expand the platform capabilities and to inexpensively deliver a mobile solution.

By leveraging Sitrion ONE, MPS Partners was able to offer Illinois Brick a solution that worked on the iPad. Sitrion ONE gave Illinois Brick the ability to mobilize company data regardless of the application or database in which it was originally stored. This empowered the sales representatives with real-time access to monitor customer purchases and track inventory, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. This solution also works on iPhones, as well as Android and Microsoft mobile devices.
If your organization is looking for a way to give its people easy online access to company information on-the-go without the headaches of managing mobile devices, Sitrion ONE might be of interest to you. Especially if you only want to write one app and have it work across multiple operating systems.  I encourage you to check out this overview demonstration to learn more. And if you’re interested in hearing more about the Illinois Brick success story, check out this case study from MPS Partners.


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Naresh D. Koka, VP, Data Management & Application Development, MPS Partners

As Vice President of Data Management and Application Development, Naresh Koka is responsible for overseeing solutions that integrate Microsoft and SAP environments using technologies based on Microsoft Office Business Applications, Duet and SAP Enterprise Services. He is an expert in SAP integration, recognized for his ability to help customers rapidly benefit from their SAP investment by enabling a better user experience and driving employee acceptance of the company’s SAP implementation. Naresh has over 15 years of experience in the consulting services industry in diverse positions ranging from development lead and architect to manager and director.

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