Glassboard has a new home!

Way back in August, we mentioned that NewsGator would stop operating Glassboard in order to focus on our core business. We got a ton of interest when we asked for someone to provide a new home for Glassboard. I think that’s a testament to the great work the team did on the product as well as a great customer base. The transfer of Glassboard has been going on for a while now, and I’m happy to announce that we can reveal the new owner, Second Gear.

So we said we were doing this to focus on things which were core for our customers. What did we actually do? Well, we bought a company, we shipped another major release including a cool new Innovation Solution, and Engagement Scorecard and we’ve been building out an entirely new cloud platform specifically around the needs of our enterprise customers (but we’re not quite ready to tell the full story on that yet.)

It’s a little sad to see Glassboard go, but we’re extremely excited to see it end up in good hands. It was a real pleasure to speak to so many people who love the product and wanted to help make sure it continued. We want to wish Justin best of luck in taking Glassboard forward. In the meantime, we’re busy integrating the products and working toward our next release dates. Because saying “no” to continuing to work on Glassboard has let us say “yes” to a ton of exciting new capabilities for our enterprise customers.


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