Hello My Name is Sitrion

Today is a big day for us as we move to ONE brand. Back in October, NewsGator acquired Sitrion which has proven to be a great addition to our family. As many of you know, whenever this happens everyone always wants to know, “Will they change their name?” Will Sitrion now be called NewsGator? Well we took a different approach, and I am excited about our adventures ahead.


Built on a rich history

NewsGator (as a brand) has been known in several markets: It began with a strong legacy in RSS – now makes sense why NewsGator, right? (think News(aggre)Gator), and then we became the brand everyone associated with Social on SharePoint. Like most companies we have a rich history and the NewsGator today is much different than that of 10 years ago. Sure we still believe in a better workplace and know social collaboration is key to making that happen, but our vision has grown substantially over the last years.


Make Work Better

So when the question came up around ONE brand and everyone was expecting Sitrion to be called NewsGator, we decided to take a different approach. We have expanded our story and grown our vision. With all this new thinking, it was fitting to try a new name. As of today we are officially Sitrion – ONE brand that reflects everything we offer to “make work better.” So why change? It was a clear decision. The NewsGator today was just so different than the one from our early days and we wanted a chance to start fresh and tell the world exactly what we do.

Good bye NewsGator, welcome Sitrion

Why Sitrion? Sure I could give you a cute story about the name, but at the end of the day, we just really like it. If you’ve had a chance to read about our values (SP^CE) then you know that being pragmatic is something we encourage. And this was a pragmatic approach. We had a great brand in Sitrion already in our family - and the name is fresh and easy to remember - so we decided to take advantage of it. And, Sitrion has been talking about “work simplified” for several years so they were already on our same journey.


You might see NewsGator still pop up from time to time and we love that. We are proud of our history, but Sitrion speaks to or future. So whether you remember us as NewsGator or quickly catch on to Sitrion, the most important thing is that you take this journey with us, a journey to “make work better” for billions of employees around the world.


Today is an exciting day for many reasons. We’ve changed our name, but we’ve also updated our story to tell you more about the Sitrion of today and everything we have to offer. Check out our new Products section and read through our compelling success stories, and be sure to check back frequently, as I promise the adventure is only just beginning.


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