I like my iPhone, and my company says that’s ok

What do you think is the best mobile device on the market? When Apple introduced the iPhone 3G to the market, it really turned me into an Apple follower for phones and later the iPad. Based on my cell phone plan I could get a new phone – and since then, it was always an iPhone.


Being in the great position where I can use my own mobile device for my work-related tasks, I believe that makes work much more enjoyable. This is meant in two different ways. On the one side I don’t have to walk around with two different devices (one personal and one for business). And on the other side, it really gives me freedom so I can do my job tasks in an environment where I feel comfortable.


When I talk to some of my colleagues, they tell me similar stories. Even if they like Android or Windows Phones, they can still work within the environments they like most.


In addition, research supports this mobile approach. Studies from companies like Cisco figured out that employees are gaining a global average of 37 minutes of productivity per week by having a BYOD strategy. I can see this first hand every day, and it also makes me and colleagues a happier if we can work where we want, how we want, instead of making us use a device we probably would never use in our personal life.


Of course following a BYOD policy can cause risks for a company because now employees can work with business-related data in an environment that may not be protected against data loss. I personally think that I need to keep my private data secure as well, but this is probably because of my German genes. Germany has some of the strongest (and maybe the strangest) data privacy laws in the world.


To minimize this risk and get the best for both sides, personal and business, I really like the approach we take with our Sitrion One mobile platform. Here we follow the strategy that you only have one app on your device instead of having tons of business-related apps for each different kind of business task. Using this “one app” approach keeps all of your confidential data in a secure “container,”  and provides your company with so many advantages because:


  • It lowers your mobile device management (MDM) burden. There’s only one app to deploy, update, and manage. You could even “outsource” this to your employees because they can download it from the regular app stores.
  • It can reuse your existing infrastructure for authentication mechanisms like multi factor authentication.
  • You have no need for VPN deployment/configurations on the different devices.

BYOD definitely fosters creativity and freedom for your employees. Here is a perfect example: I’m writing this post on my own iPad while I’m sitting in my backyard enjoying a Latte Macchiato.


In my opinion BYOD has so many advantages for each employee and the business that it shouldn’t be a hurdle for you and your company. To conclude: BYOD really does make work better.


One question may still be open for you: How do I provide the many different business tasks into this “one app” for my employees since BYOD will introduce many different kinds of mobile environments and devices to the company? Stay tuned, I’ll talk about this in another blog post soon.

In the meantime, join me this Wednesday, 4/12 at 12pm ET for a live Q&A with SAPinsider on this very topic. Ask me whatever questions you have about mobility best practices & the case for SAP and BYOD. See you then!


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Björn Nee, Technology Evangelist

Björn works in our Oldenburg, Germany office, joined the company in 2007 and has held various positions from Director of Solutions, to Senior Architect, to Services Lead. Previously, Björn worked for industrial and consulting companies including BASF IT Services and Schenker where his key goal was to make work better by developing great IT and software solutions. His passion is to inspire people to be more efficient, productive, and happy at work using Sitrion's solutions. 

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