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Ever work in a company when you don’t know someone who works on the same floor? Or show up to a company meeting and ask “who is that?” In a company of 50 or more employees, you can be sure not everyone knows their colleagues’ full skill set, experience, or maybe even what they do every day – and sadly some won’t know their name. Multiply that by 5, 10, or 100 people, add in different departments, remote workers, global offices, and you have a lot of really talented people who are unaware and unable to reach the experts they need when they need them.  

“Talent” is key to a company’s success. If a company can’t fully leverage their employee talent resource pool, the negative results will not only affect the employees but in turn the customers. While conversely, the ability to quickly access your employees’ skills will make your organization more effective and also make your employees happier.

Let’s look at a few practical examples…

The Receptionist

This person is often the first interaction someone has with your company; they need to be able to direct people to the correct resource or department. When a customer or prospect calls looking for information and the answer is “I’m sorry I don’t know,” it’s just not acceptable. The company looks bad and the employee feel helpless and ineffective. A quick search of the company’s social Intranet can avoid this embarrassment by providing information about expertise, departments, people, org charts, contact info, and location.

The Marketing Manager

You need a SharePoint expert to speak at an upcoming global road show. Maybe you choose one person and fly them everywhere, but a better option is to quickly and easily find local experts by searching self-declared expertise via your enterprise social network. A keyword search of titles alone could mean missed skills. The cost benefits of finding regional talent is reduced T&E, days lost in the field, employee exhaustion, and maybe a better chance for your local employees to further develop their regional network as an expert in their field. 

The HR Director

Hiring people is great; it’s one of the best parts of being in HR. In most circumstances, promoting from within the company should always be the first consideration. The benefits are wide ranging for the employee and the company. Targeting qualified internal talent should be similar to using LinkedIn to find qualified external candidates via your enterprise social network – using keywords, specific skill matches, and even previous company experience.

The Sales Engineer

Your employees need to be able to respond to customer requests promptly and knowledgeably. When a sales engineer is onsite at a tradeshow and a customer requests a meeting later that day, that employee needs real-time access to the pertinent information about that customer. He doesn’t have the luxury of prep time or being in the office, so a quick search on his mobile device reveals the account manager, customer key contacts, open support issues and documentation, open opportunities, and any outstanding invoices – everything he needs to be prepared.

Don’t lose out.

Your employee talent pool is deep & varied, but if you can only get to some of them some of the time then you are losing out. To be successful, it’s imperative for any one of your employees across the globe to find the right expertise at any time from any location via any mobile device.

Sound too good to be true – or impossible? Your social Intranet can be the bridge. Check out our upcoming product webinar to see what I mean.

Andrea Frangos, HR Director

As the HR Director with Sitrion, Andrea’s primary focus is to facilitate a great working environment by supporting every employee in their pursuit to achieve their full potential.


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