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These days the CeBIT in Hannover, Germany is just concluding. Twenty years ago, same convention, same place, Bill Gates showed a movie in his speech, which he showed before his keynote at the Fall Comdex 1994 in Las Vegas. The movie had the title “Information at Your Fingertips.” It showed Microsoft’s vision 10 years in the future. Today, more than 20 years later, most of the visions are no longer visions; they have become reality for everyone. If I look around, it’s rare that someone is not using a smartphone or tablet.

I love to see how the vision has become a reality over the years. It is super easy to stay in touch with family and friends everywhere and anytime. When my nine year old daughter doesn’t meet with her friends in person she stays in touch via FaceTime, Hangouts, iMessage, Skype, or she extends her homework with information from the web. Even my 84-year old grandfather uses his smartphone almost on a daily basis.

Based on my own experience, nearly everyone is always online and can access whatever information they need in just moments. And it's totally common in our personal lives to get that access without hurdles.

Please forgive me while I now twist the knife a bit.

When you take a look into the business world of information, we often experience things the way they were back in 1994, before the vision became a reality.

For example, on average only 20% of the global workforce can take part in the digital company life because they have access to a corporate device (desktop or mobile device).

That means that more than two-thirds of the global population is not part of the digital workforce.

I imagine you would like to improve this and probably have the following (or similar) things on your mind:

- BYOD is not our strategy since we and our employees don’t want it. We take ownership of their personal devices with our MDM in terms of deploying apps, secure company access, data security, etc.
- The cost to mobilize our workforce would be to high.
- We have a mobile strategy that only covers iOS devices, so we only have to cover iOS in terms of new apps. 
- Providing access to our backend systems like SharePoint or SAP would be insecure and too costly.
- Providing new mobile use cases to my workforce on a frequent basis is not affordable.

Right now, I think I can see a small smile on your face because it's like I'm reading your thoughts :-)
So let’s talk! With our latest generation of Sitrion ONE we can solve the above things (and more) in a cost-effective and time efficient way.

Björn Nee, Technology Evangelist

Björn works in our Oldenburg, Germany office. Since he joined the company in 2007, he has held various positions from Director of Solutions, to Senior Architect, to Services Lead. Previously, Björn worked for industrial and consulting companies including BASF IT Services and Schenker where his key goal was to make work better by developing great IT and software solutions. His passion is to inspire people to be more efficient, productive, and happy at work using Sitrion's solutions.


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