Intrapreneurship, enterprise social, and the new way of work

Your first reaction is probably that I have left a typo in my title. Intrapreneurship should be corrected to entrepreneurship. Even the spelling check wants me to correct it, but I won’t because “intrapreneurship” is exactly I want to write about. Some of you already may know what is meant by it and for those who don’t know, let me enlighten you.

First some context before I elaborate on the title

Organizations have the tendency to get used to themselves while the world around them is shouting and craving for progress and change. That is why there is a great need for entrepreneurship within businesses and organizations. A need for people who dare to venture, think out of the box, and who want to begin to improve and innovate products and services within their organizations. To stop the delay or decline of growth, there is a great need for pioneers and professionals, creative entrepreneurs with a passion for their organization that want to help it progress forward; the employees who take that extra step. Every company wants these kind of people. These are the people who I call intrapreneurs.


They are the pioneers who build bridges between developers, managers, departments, customers and other stakeholders. They do this by seeding the ideas for new concepts to all concerned. They communicate and make things happen. Intraprenuership is starting, developing, and realizing new business or other ways of working within your own company.

Intrepreneurship within an organization

Intrepreneurship is the process of value creation, using a unique set of resources and bringing them all together. This creates new opportunities. It can also include coming up with new ways of doing business without taking into account what is acceptable or allowed within the organization they work for. It is all about seeing and seizing opportunities.

An intrapreneur has four characteristics:

  • A feeling for innovation
  • A creative ambition
  • The willingness to take risks (gut feeling and intuition)
  • And the willingness to exploiting those risks


Often large organizations spend too much time and attention to processes and therefore have a limited relationship with the outside world. Too much attention and energy is being devoted to the maintenance of existing systems and ways of working. Some organizations are trapped within their own way of thinking and way of working so often only a limited number of employees are directly in touch with what is happening outside in the marketplace. Only they know what customers want and are basically the only ones that know what is really expected of the company.


This occurs especially within organizations that have mediocre internal and external communications, have a high turnover of staff, are reorganizing constantly, and are regularly reviewing and changing their strategy. This says it all! These are organizations that just keep on staring at their own belly button.


What intrapreneurs need

An atmosphere of intrapreneurship must be embedded and valued within the company. Only ambitious companies have this culture. They are constantly looking for chances and offer the perspective needed for these kind of employees. Intrapreneurs don’t want to be blocked by all sorts of rules and procedures. They want to be able to express their ideas and contact the right people when they want to.


How can technology help?

With an enterprise social platform like Sitrion, we make it simple for the intrapreneurs to be able to find and contact the right people within their own organization. We make it possible for all your people to do this. But we also make it possible to recognize who your intrapreneurs are. They are the future talents of your company and they will help you innovate and survive. So engage them, recognize them, encourage them, and help them do what we all want and that is survive, grow revenue, and have fun doing it.


Contact us today to learn how Sitrion can improve the way you work and to create the place for your intrapreneurs - your talent and innovators - to thrive.


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John Jilderda, Marketing Director, EMEA

John is responsible for the marketing of Sitrion in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. John has lots of experience in Marketing and Management in the IT industry. Prior to Sitrion, John was self employed as marketing consultant for 7 years and specialized in positioning and loyalty marketing. John has held numerous marketing and management positions including CEO at Konica in Brussels and Marketing director at Canon Netherlands.

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