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Get inspired by industry leading thinkers

I’m excited today tell you about a brand new online series we're offering called Sitrion TALKS.  After an awesome array of presentations and workshops at Collective 2014, the team here at Sitrion was super inspired. The in-person event gave us the chance to discover awesome ideas, fantastic speakers and real world outcomes in three global cities, leaving us literally bubbling over! Unfortunately we couldn't record everything – so we got down to thinking – how can we bring the kind of awesome content and conversations we experienced in Orlando, Amsterdam and Sydney to the rest of the world? What we came up with was Sitrion TALKS.

Inspire, excite and encourage big thinking

Sitrion TALKS are designed to inspire, excite, and encourage big thinking. In this series of live Google Hangouts we will hear from some of the brightest minds in social business from our network of customers, partners, and friends, and anyone else we find who has an awesome story to share!

Lunchtime viewing

Starting July 24 I’m going to host an online TALK each month.  I’ll always schedule the TALK to be around US lunch time, allowing everyone to tune in at their desk over a sandwich or a coffee.  We’ll kick off at 5 past the hour and aim to run for around 45 minutes so you have time to debrief mentally before your next meeting starts.

Get your questions answered

Sitrion TALKS is an executive series, and I really want to encourage online participation.  Via the Google Hangout Q&A plugin, I will be fielding questions from the audience during each TALK.  The panel, hosted by me, will try to answer as many questions as possible during the time. If we don’t get to them all, we’ll be sure to post the answers afterwards.

Recorded and available

The best part is each TALK will be recorded straight up to our YouTube channel so you will be able to watch and share the conversation over and over again. There will be a special playlist on the Sitrion YouTube channel to host all the TALKS. If you miss out on one, don’t worry! They will be all listed together in the one digital library.

Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant

We’re kicking of the series with acclaimed authors and consultants Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant who will talk about preparing your culture for the millennial era. Becoming a "social organization" (which is a big part of how we Make Work Better here at Sitrion) was just the tip of the iceberg. We are now challenged to create cultures that truly embrace decentralization, transparency, and experimentation. In this TALK Jamie and Maddie will talk about how companies are updating their cultures to be more compatible with this new era and share some of their latest research with Millennials about their approach to management.

You can get a sneak preview by watching this short and informative clip of Jamie and Daniel talking recently about some of these topics in the video below:

Got an idea for a talk?

If you want to join me online or have an idea for a guest speaker please let me know!  I’d love to hear from you, just post me a tweet @lukesinclair and let me know what’s on your mind. I want to create a broad reaching, dynamic, and interesting series and welcome all ideas!

Register now

You can register right here at the Sitrion TALKS homepage.  I can’t wait to see you online!


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Luke Sinclair, Director of Community

Luke's personal mission is to to make employees smile and love their workplace by lighting up social networks and online employee communities, empowering the voice of the employee. Luke’s roll is critical to the survival of humanity; by nurturing better relationships at work, people are happier, healthier and have a better life which in turn leads to world peace!!!!!! Luke brings his vision for engagement to all things Sitrion where he helps make social a reality for businesses around the world.

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