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Since launching Social Sites Engagement Scorecard a few weeks ago, I have had a lot of fun (I told you I am a geek) analyzing the data from our own social networks and hearing how our first customers plan to use the tool. I’ve enjoyed seeing people use the data in ways that we envisioned but it is even more exciting to see people utilize the information in ways we hadn’t imagined. Collectively, we have also come up with amazing feature ideas for the next version of Engagement Scorecard. It truly has been ‘wisdom of the crowd’ in action.

With that in mind, I thought it would be helpful to blog about some of the insights that the tool can provide, so that our entire ecosystem can benefit from and add to the learning. In this post, I will focus on the Participation section of Engagement Scorecard.

What Is Participation?

Participation helps you to understand if folks are taking the first critical step of enrolling in the system. We look at two important data points – the percent of users that have completed important social profile fields (i.e. photo, interests, and expertise areas) and the percent of users that have accepted the social system’s terms of use.

What Insights Can Participation Data Provide?

Looking at Participation data can help you answer the following types of questions:

  1. Are people completing their profile or do I need to educate users on the value of social profiles and the steps they need to take to update profile fields?
  2. Should we invest resources in auto populating select profile fields with data from other corporate systems?
  3. Does our new employee onboarding program need to include an overview on the value of social and tips on how to participate in the social system?
  4. Have we met our launch or trial objectives and should we begin to add more users to the system?
  5. How effective is our terms of use process and should this be an automated step in the login procedure for new users?

Profile Completion Real World Example

We have seen that customers who pay attention to the type of participation data in the Engagement Scorecard boost adoption of their social network and achieve greater return on their investment. For example, one of our financial services customers made a concerted effort to boost profile completions in their social network. The customer created best practices and training videos on profile completion and targeted these communications to their 30,000 employees. Their efforts paid off – they saw a 374% increase in completed profiles in just a few weeks.

Learn More

I would welcome the opportunity to hear about your experiences. What participation data does your company find important? What programs have you put in place to encourage enrollment in your social network? Do you require people to agree to terms of use and if so how have you implemented this?

To learn more about Engagement Scorecard you can email me or check out our engagement scorecard web content.


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