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KMWorld 100 COMPANIES That Matter in Knowledge Management

This week KMWorld published its annual top 100 list and for us at Sitrion, we are honored to be recognized again this year. With our legacy in social and collaboration, knowledge management has always been at the core of what we do. In fact our mission to “unlock the power of connected people” is the very essence of who you can find knowledge management success.

Lately, the topic of knowledge management has taken an interesting evolution. How do we offer the same access to information on a mobile device? For years employees have had company intranets and portals as the catalyst for information sharing but times are changing. How do you gain that same momentum on a small device and, more importantly, make it accessible and consumable anytime and anywhere for a mobile world?

Knowledge in a Minute

How someone gains knowledge from a mobile device needs to be different than on a desktop. Remember, the term mobile means you are ‘moving’ and most likely actively doing something else at the time you need a certain piece of knowledge.
Finding an expert – you have a problem that needs solving but you are away from your computer. A quick search gets you in touch with the right person but more valuable is the easy access to IM, phone, and email to ask your question and get a quick response. And imagine if by luck they are even located near where you are, GPS can tell you they are near by and a valuable face-to-face meeting can happen.
Quick client snapshots – we all know preparation is a key to success. Rather than spending an hour searching through all of your company’s systems to learn about a prospect before you walk in the door, imagine quick access to a snapshot of that company on your mobile device. Recent events, any outstanding support tickets, inventory updates, there is so much you can learn in a minute if it’s pulled together in a simple format for you.
Spread the word – staying informed is another type of knowledge right? So how do you send an important message to your employees? Many debate the age-old email topic right? But let’s face it, most messages are still buried in email. Or if you have a well-established company intranet, you are vying for real estate on your homepage. Knowledge is only valuable if it is consumed – get that message out to the right people at the right time and leverage the notifications on the mobile device to make sure it gets read.
So if you are a knowledge management company or the person responsible for this effort in your organization, I encourage you to think about mobile and how these cool little devices can ensure knowledge transfer happens and, most importantly, in an easy-to-consume manner at the minute it’s needed. 

Stefanie Lightman, General Manager, North America and APAC

Stefanie Lightman brings more than 20 years of experience in technology marketing, business development, and strategy to her role at Sitrion where she is responsible for all customer-facing activities for North America and APAC. Stefanie is passionate about turning great ideas into real revenues showcasing the advantages a clearly defined strategy and strong alignment between sales, services and marketing can bring to an organization.


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