Lower My “Taxes!”

Look at your paycheck and you see a lot of it going to the government. Some of your tax money goes to really good use, but unfortunately some of it gets used in ways that you don’t agree with. Regardless of the net positive contribution to society, who doesn’t want to lower his or her own taxes?!

One day a few years ago, I started complaining about all the request and approvals I had let pile up at work and my manager at the time said (nicely, I should add) that I should “think of it like taxes. It’s part of the cost of doing business and there’s no escaping it.” The tax analogy here of course refers to all the things you do on top of “the day job” like travel requests, timecards, performance evaluations, etc.  Who doesn’t want to focus more on “the job,” do great work, and lower those “taxes?!”

Reducing taxes is a common conversation outside of work – and the ways it can happen either by law, or investment options, or changing your status, or by all sort of other means.  Maybe we should apply that thinking more at work as well?  How can I lower my “on the job ‘taxes’”?

Last week, I co-presented on a webinar with my colleague Shawn Beeson where we shared our vision for how to make work better. The presentation talked about how we help companies reduce the time it takes to accomplish “taxing” tasks – be it in the form of faster workflow completion, less asking for help (trouble tickets), fewer errors to correct, and happier people in the long run.

Now imagine the scale if you take one person’s time savings and happiness improvement and multiply that by the number of people you have? Now we’re talking a big tax cut!!  (And huge ROI, which we talked about at the end of our webinar as well).

How can Sitrion help you lower your “taxes?”


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Ken Clements, VP, Marketing

Ken leads our efforts to bring the Sitrion story to the world. He spent the better part of the past ten years working for business partners Avanade and Microsoft. With his own passion for technology and how the right tools can make your life easier, Ken is forever looking for the customer win -- not just making the sale, but also how the customer wins with an amazing outcome from using our software. He also walks the talk, using mobile and social to stay engaged as a remote employee at home in Seattle, Washington.

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