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Last week, we said good bye and thank you to a great friend and NewsGator/Sitrion legend that you have most likely never heard of. Mark Nass, our CFO for 9 years is leaving us for his next adventure. Not knowing our CFO, is maybe the biggest compliment you can give him. While others might look for the spotlight, he is one of those people that simply gets the job done without making a big fuss about it. And for us, he certainly got the job done!

Mark lends me a helping hand so I can retrieve a frisbee at our annual company outing last year.

Guiding us through an amazing journey

Mark joined the company early and took us through great times, tough times, and great times again. From early financial rounds to our latest stock option plan, he has been the corner stone of our financial structure. Mark has guided us through an amazing journey, from our early beginnings as an RSS company to becoming the de facto standard of social business in the Microsoft ecosystem. He helped us to acquire four companies and build a truly global business with offices in Denver, New York, Ottawa, Oldenburg, Amsterdam, and Sydney. With the recent acquisition of Sitrion and our company name change, he helped in opening a whole new chapter and it is now up to us to deliver. He is leaving the Sitrion house in good order and we are very grateful.


A man of impact, not words

Focusing on just the job would fall short to explain the impact Mark has had on our company, our business, and our people. He is not just one of the hardest working people but also one of the most caring in our organization. The fact that he even got his successor in place illustrates the way he cares for us. During long debates about the right strategy, the right approach to a problem or an opportunity to succeed, he often remained quiet and listened, making that one comment that helped us to come to the solution. Not a man of many words but one who had lots of impact. 

Thank You Mark

Mark never leaves a job half done and just like that, he has taken great care of us finding his successor. I know he doesn’t love the fact that we are talking about him this much, but some things need to be said. We are incredibly grateful for all you have done for us, appreciate the great care you have taken with us, and we're blessed to have had the chance to share such a great time with you. Stay well and enjoy your next adventure, my friend!

Welcome Craig

It is with great pleasure to introduce Craig Lamborn as our new CFO. He joined us already in February and we can't even remember a time without him. As a Colorado resident, he is located at the Sitrion headquarters in Denver. Check out his impressive resume on LinkedIn and take the opportunity to meet him in person when you're near by.


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Daniel Kraft, CEO & President

Daniel Kraft is the President & CEO of Sitrion. He brings years of executive leadership experience across various high technology disciplines to his role at Sitrion. Daniel is the founder of ifridge and Company, a strategic consulting and investment firm with a success record of building great technology companies. In addition Daniel is an active board member of netmedianer, a European based web and social media consultancy. Previously Daniel has held senior positions in several leading Enterprise Software companies including SVP of Corporate Strategy at Open Text and President and CEO at RedDot Solutions. Prior to that he held senior positions with Commerzbank Securities where he led investment banking transactions in the software market ranging from M&A, IPOs and venture investments.

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