MEAP, MEAP! KISS’ing Complicated Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms Goodbye

Let’s face the facts. Building a mobile enterprise solution is both time consuming and complicated. From picking device platforms, developing backend connectors, creating secure tunnels, to developing an appealing user experience. Every enterprise wants to mobilize their workforce, but few are ready for the complexity, overall time, and cost of creating such solutions.

There are many great companies out there that can help. Most of these Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAPs) are quite powerful, and can solve many of the common issues encountered when mobilizing a workforce. Powerful as they may be, these platforms are usually quite complicated and involve a lot of effort to deliver an end to end solution. A typical project will involve mobile and backend developers, security consultants, cloud vendors, infrastructure experts, UI designers, and project managers to keep it all moving along. In today’s fast-paced, moment-only world the reality is… nobody has time for that!

Saved by ONE KISS

When developing custom solutions for my customers, there is ONE rule to rule them all and it is the KISS rule. If you are new to the KISS rule, it stands for: Keep It Simple Stupid! This is where Sitrion ONE makes creating and deploying mobile enterprise solutions easy as pie. Who doesn’t like pie, right? Sitrion ONE allows me to create a backend connected mobile solution that will work on Android, IOS, Windows and Windows Phone devices in hours not days. Once developed, I can with a few clicks deploy the solution to user devices instantly with no app store certification hell, just more time for pie.

Big Bad Backends Tamed 

With ONE, when a customer asks me to create a mobile solution that connects to their SAP HR system, SharePoint deployment, or even their Salesforce CRM, I don’t have to build a complicated connector taking weeks of design and development, instead my approach is incredibly simple. With ONE I just do it with five simple steps: Connect, Select Data, Drag Drop UI Design, Test, and Deploy. This process can be achieved in under an hour as a simple SAP use case. Yes… under an hour with SAP. How simple is that?

Feeling Secure in the Clouds

One of the biggest pain points for enterprises is to expose their systems to the wilds of the internet, allowing their users to access corporate systems on their mobile devices. This is truly scary stuff...before ONE that is. Now with Sitrion ONE I have my customers spend 10 minutes installing the Sitrion ONE hub software behind their firewall and connect to Sitrion’s securely-hosted cloud system. We take care of securing your connection so you don’t have to. Security is our number ONE concern and given that no data is stored on the device or on our cloud system, what is there to lose? Nothing, it’s that simple.

Not Just a Pretty Face

Another major pain point that ONE makes simple is branding. I don’t think I’ve ever delivered a solution for my customers that didn’t include custom branding at some level. With ONE, it’s straightforward to bring familiarity to a mobile solution in an easy-to-use, designer-less, branding interface. Adding a logo and using corporate colors is achieved in minutes, no rocket science, just a few mouse clicks.

A  New Year’s Kiss

In 2015, you now have the choice to either be a road runner or a coyote. Do you build a mobile solution in a KISS-style approach or a complicated, hodgepodge of ACME products? The real question is … are you going spend the majority of 2015 building rockets or eating pie? I’m going to Keep It Simple this year by using Sitrion ONE and of course eating lots of sugar pie. What are you going to do?

Kelly Gault, Senior Solutions Engineer

Kelly has over 20 years of experience building custom desktop, mobile, and web based solutions. Based out of our Canadian office and a member of our Services delivery team, Kelly is happiest when using technology to solve complex problems for our customers. In addition to development, Kelly offers our customer base a unique blend of expertise in training, documentation, and architecture. When not geeking out with technology, you will find Kelly adventuring in the wilderness by bike, boat, or board.


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