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Another hot topic that we will be discussing at the Collective, our annual user conference next month, will be how to measure the activity level of your organization on your social business platform.  I’d like to talk a little bit on that subject here as part of my series of posts on the Sitrion Engagement Scorecard.  If you missed them, feel free to check out my first two posts that covered Participation and Connections.

What Activity Data Can Be Tracked With the Sitrion Engagement Scorecard?

With Activity data, we measure users’ engagement in critical social activity including microblogging, asking and answering questions, commenting, sharing, liking, tagging, badging and workflow approvals. We enable every customer to set custom criteria on the level of activity users should complete based on the stage of the social project and the social maturity of the user base. We then report out on the percent of the population that meets this criteria. And we allow for tracking activity levels at the global level as well as at custom sub-group levels – such as departments, regions, or types of employees. For example, some of our customers use a group of Social Ambassadors to set the example of how to use social and to serve as mentors to the general user base.  With Engagement Scorecard’s Activity data capabilities customers can measure the social activity levels of the Ambassador group and compare those levels to the general user population or other sub-groups.


What Insights Can Activity Data Provide?

Looking at Activity data can help you answer the following types of questions:

  1. How do social activity levels compare between regions or business units or departments?
  2. Is the executive team engaging in social and truly setting the example of ‘how to be social’?
  3. How does the activity level of community managers compare to that of the general user population?
  4. Where should we focus our social training investments in order to make the most impact on adoption?
  5. Which groups of users should we recognize for making above average social contributions?


Real World Example – Activity Levels

One of our clients, Benco Dental, understands the value of tracking activity data and comparing activity levels between user sub-groups. Benco is the largest independent dental distributor in the United States serving more than 30,000 customers. Benco turned to Sitrion for a more

open, social, and productive business. They understood that getting social buy-in and participation from the senior leadership and CEO would cultivate adoption by all employees.  And they realized the need to measure activity. Post-launch Benco looked at the activity counts per user across the system and found that Chuck Cohen, the CEO, was the number one user and the top 5 users were all senior leaders.  Eight months after launch the activity levels by senior management were 50% higher than one month post launch.  For the same period the activity levels of the general sales population were 500% higher! By tracking such Activity data, Benco was able to see the positive impact that senior leadership participation had within the social network.


Engagement Scorecard can be used to easily automate the tracking of such Activity data and sub-groups of users.


Learn More

I’d like to hear about your experience with measuring activity levels.  What type of social activities are most important to you? Do you analyze sub-groups of users when measuring adoption? How has higher social activity levels led to better business outcomes for your company?


Measuring activity level is another great topic that you can bring up in the Q&A session being led by Kelly Gault on on Wednesday, May 14 at 3:30pm in the Experience Lounge at the Collective in Orlando.  Until then, feel free to check out our website to learn more about the Sitrion Engagement Scorecard or contact us to schedule a demo.


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