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Over the past year, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had the conversation where an organization tells me “we are embracing mobile.” The spirit is definitely there. They understand that people need flexibility in the way they work and are inspired to embrace mobile in their approach. But, with that great spirit, comes too much caution. The dialogue gets daunting, a plan is needed, different stakeholders are brought into the discussion. Does it need to be so paralyzing?
I am not suggesting rolling out a mobile solution is easy by any means, but it is inevitable for your success. So, how can we see past the noise and embrace the future? 

A webinar is born…

We had a similar conversation a few weeks back with Forrester, and asked them to summarize a few tips on how people can unlock the challenge of mobile and embrace it in their organization. Christian Kane with Forrester and I reviewed many conversations that Forrester is having along with our learnings from Sitrion customers. We have summarized these learnings into 6 best practices, and we'll be discussing each one with real examples of customers finding success with mobile in a live webinar on April 14th

Unlock productivity with the right technology

By breaking it down into a handful of best practices, we want to provide you with the thinking required to move forward and not fear the unknown. We’ll give you insights into why mobile fuels employee efficiency and productivity, and the important things to focus on in your mobile strategy. Having these insights will help you not be distracted by those resistant to change and their old ways of thinking. 

Join us to get powerful insights

If you are passionate about mobilizing your employees but struggling with where to get started, this is a discussion we’d love you to join. Register now and start thinking about your organization, and how you can improve the workplace experience with mobile solutions. We will have a great Q&A session at the end.
Webinar with Forrester Analyst Christian Kane
6 Best Practices for Empowering Your Workforce with Mobile
Thursday, April 14 – 11am ET

Stefanie Lightman, General Manager, North America and APAC

Stefanie Lightman brings more than 20 years of experience in technology marketing, business development, and strategy to her role at Sitrion where she is responsible for all customer-facing activities for North America and APAC. Stefanie is passionate about turning great ideas into real revenues showcasing the advantages a clearly defined strategy and strong alignment between sales, services and marketing can bring to an organization.


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