Mobile strategy: Know your data, users, start at-the-top

I’m wrapping up the week with a summary of a panel discussion we held this week on enterprise mobility - Real Advice to Tackle Your Mobile Strategy (get recording here). Three of our awesome Sitrion customers (HealthSouth, ESET and DM) gave the audience some valuable real-world insights into their own mobile journies, including:

  • Main drivers for their mobile intitiatives
  • Obstacles they were facing
  • Stakeholder buy in
  • Guidance on how to prepare a successful mobile project

The cool thing is that these customers are completely different in terms of size (from 1,000 to 50,000 employees) and industry (IT, HealthCare and Retail), but they all came to the very same conclusions at the end of our exciting discussion. More on this later...

BYOD and mobile maturity

Before we kicked off our panel discussion, we asked all participants about their BYOD strategy and mobile app maturity. Interestingly, there is an almost 50/50 split between organizations that have a BYOD strategy in place (or planned) and that have no BYOD policy at all:

Most organizations are in early stages of mobile maturity, and either have no corporate apps or up to five apps (I bet we are talking Email and Calendar apps):

Main project drivers

We started our panel with discussing the motivation behind our customers’ mobile initiatives and their main project drivers. It became clear that the main drivers are around increasing productivity and engagement and supporting employees in their work context. Also, data governance is a big topic as employees are using consumer apps, such as WhatsApp and Facebook, since they basically have no apps or infrastructure to work together efficiently.

Obstacles faced

Interestingly, budget constraints and unexpected costs are not big obstacles in enterprise mobility projects, but securing stakeholder buy-in and integrations with backend systems (SAP, Oracle, SharePoint etc) are. Additionally, our two larger panel customers, DM (50,000 employees) and HealthSouth (30,000 employees), were challenged with giving corporate-controlled smart phones to every nurse in a hospital or cashier in a retail store. Furthermore, workers don’t want corporate IT to control their personal devices using MDM components. So providing a simple but secure consumer-like experience is key to them.

Stakeholders, ambassadors and viral marketing

Next we talked about whom to get on board internally for a successful enterprise mobilty project. All panel members concluded that a bottom-up approach by IT without business stakeholder buy-in is doomed to fail. This is where the CEO and senior management play a very important role in most mobile initiatives. Most execs will be ambassadors of your project by involving them in the use-case discussions and letting them experience prototypes on their own devices. Just as important is to communicate the business case and ROI benefits early on in the process.

Another interesting topic was internal viral marketing for your mobile apps. It’s very powerful to let early adopters try out beta versions of your app. These tech-savvy employees will spread the word internally, support other users after rollout, and channel back feedback to the mobile team.


This is the general advice our customers gave for a successful enterprise mobility journey:

  • Know your data: Collect as much stats, KPIs, costs, savings, ROIs as possible, well ahead of a launching a mobile project. This data gathering exercise will give you a clear picture about what your users and the business really want and need.
  • Top-down-approach: Don’t kick off a stealth project with a bottom-up approach. Involve the CEO and senior management as soon as possible. Let them be your ambassadors.
  • Start small and expand: Don’t try to squeeze every idea you might have into your apps at the beginning. Be very good at a few things. Launch with a solid set of use cases, collect feedback from users, and expand from there. 

Roundtable: Get Real Advice to Tackle Your Mobile Strategy
Access the on-demand webinar here

Markus Dopp, Vice President of Mobile Solutions

As the co-founder of our SAP business practice, Markus leads our enterprise mobile solution – Sitrion ONE. He is passionate about cutting-edge mobile technologies and how ONE can make a difference for every user. Previously, Markus held positions in leading companies covering content management and Microsoft/SAP integration where his direction was instrumental in company growth. Whether in product management or sales, Markus inspires our customers with the vision of how work should be done – simplifying complex processes with an easily accessible and intuitive mobile experience.


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