NewsGator and HiSoftware close the social business compliance gap

HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff for NewsGator Social Sites manages risk, protects reputations.

Organizations can now detect, document and all but eliminate privacy and security breaches in their social business environment with a new compliance solution from NewsGator and HiSoftware.

HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff for NewsGator Social Sites monitors a company’s activity stream – the central flow of employees’ Twitter-like status and event updates – automatically flagging and reporting non-compliant posts, including obscenities, sexually suggestive material, hostile language, passwords, trade secrets, protected health information (PHI), personal information (PII), credit card numbers, FINRA violations, potential corruption/bribery, HIPAA identifiers and Social Security numbers. Administrators can quickly unpublish the offending matter and address the employee who posted it.

“The best thing and worst thing about social collaboration and computing is you can say anything,” said HiSoftware CEO Kurt A. Mueffelmann. “Compliance Sheriff for NewsGator Social Sites preserves the freedom of social computing while keeping the conversation in bounds to protect an organization’s business and reputation. Social computing’s benefits are absolutely worth the risks, as long as the risks are carefully managed for governance, compliance and appropriate content.”

Available today, Compliance Sheriff for NewsGator Social Sites integrates completely with the NewsGator Social Sites 2010 enterprise social business solution and its foundation, the Microsoft SharePoint collaboration platform. The solution addresses problem postings within every Social Sites module, including Social Profiles, Microblogging, Activity Streams, Communities, Social Insights, News Stream, Idea Stream and Spotlight. It provides detail on governance, risk management, privacy, expletives, accessibility and website quality.

The software ensures information moves in and out of customers’ systems in accordance with their privacy policy, Written Information Security Program (WISP) and brand standards. Specific rule sets are pre-defined to address compliance with HIPAA/HITECH, MA 201 CMR, FISMA, COPPA, Section 508 and WCAG 2.0, OMB 10-22 and many other government regulations.

“NewsGator is committed to breaking down information silos and opening up communication while maintaining governance, privacy, compliance and security,” said Melissa Risteff, NewsGator’s senior vice president of marketing and corporate development. “Our integration and expanded partnership with HiSoftware ensures that our customers maintain compliance and continue to collaborate freely.”


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