NewsGator Brings the Social Workplace to Windows 8

NewsGator provides an enterprise social app for Windows 8 available as a sideloaded Windows Store app.

NewsGator today announced an app to bring the social workplace to Windows 8 – available now as a sideloaded Windows Store App. This cutting-edge app allows users to access NewsGator Social Sites from their Windows 8 devices, and was built to mirror Microsoft Corp.’s new user experience. Using Lookout, a personalized drag-and-drop interface that provides intelligent information streams and more user control over how enterprise interactions and content are consumed, this sideloaded Windows Store app creates a very different social experience, unlike traditional, unproductive activity streams.


As an industry-leading enterprise social technology provider, NewsGator’s new Social Sites app continues to push the boundaries of how you work. “The tools available in today’s marketplace do not empower the end user,” said Brian Kellner, NewsGator’s executive vice president of development and product management. “We built this app to focus on a more human-centric approach. We want our users to be able to interact with their colleagues and access content from any of their devices. This app for Windows 8 is one way we’re making social technology smarter and better-enabling the end user to surface relevant connections and content when and where they need it.”


The Lookout interface in Social Sites solves the biggest problem with the rapid adoption of today’s social business tools: overwhelming users with information in activity streams, streams in which important information is often missed in the process. Lookout allows you to choose the type of content you want to view, creating intelligent information streams of relevant people, communities, topics, subjects, notifications, and more. Originally released in August 2012, this same user experience is available today in the Social Sites for Windows 8 app.


“NewsGator is an important app builder in the Microsoft ecosystem, which continues to create innovative products,” said John Richards, senior director of Windows App Marketing for Microsoft Corp. “We are pleased it developed an application that will give our mutual SharePoint Social Sites clients a different kind of interaction model that, in a single glance, shows users what’s new and what they need to pay attention to on their Windows 8 devices.”

The NewsGator Social Sites for Windows 8 app is available immediately as a download from the Windows Store.


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