NewsGator customers confirm social business software delivers fast ROI

Executives and leaders at NewsGator customers call out better innovation and happier, more engaged employees as key drivers for the social workplace.

Social business software not only makes employees happier, but also delivers a measurable return-on-investment thanks to new innovations made possible through improved collaboration.


Those are just some of the key findings from a new benchmark survey of business leaders from global companies who have implemented NewsGator technologies within their organizations. More than 200 executive, communication, human resource and IT professionals from Fortune 1000 companies were surveyed on their experiences on how social technologies have made them better, more efficient companies and attractive employers.


The good news for workers is that employee happiness is the key driver for embracing the social workplace among survey respondents. A whopping 73.3% said that employee satisfaction was their #1 measurable objective in going social, even more so than reduced costs (45.6%) and improved revenue (42.1%).


But that’s not to say better business performance and ROI weren’t concerns. On the contrary, 72.8% of respondents reported that social software more than paid for itself through greater collaboration among employees. Enhancing collaboration positively impacted the bottom line by driving new products, services and other innovations, according to 98% of respondents.


How does social collaboration improve business performance and innovation? By transforming the way people work through knowledge sharing and engagement, the survey revealed. Nearly 50% of respondents said that social benefited their company most directly by facilitating the exchange of ideas. Speed to knowledge (47.4%) and improved access to experts (28.1%) were the motivating drivers of this workplace transformation.


Going forward, the survey indicated that integrating mobile users into the social enterprise will be a primary focus for respondents. More than 73% said that social is already helping to keep mobile users in touch with what’s happening within the company. New mobile native clients like Social Sites for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 8, and HTML5 on BlackBerry will help the “mobilization” of social.


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