NewsGator Empowers Businesses to Measure and Monitor Social Adoption and Engagement.

NewsGator’s new Social Sites Engagement Scorecard enables clients to increase adoption, improve employee engagement, and expand social business use cases.

NewsGator announces their new Social Sites Engagement Scorecard which empowers organizations to get to real business value faster from their enterprise social network by measuring and tracking critical employee engagement and adoption metrics.


After gleaning insight from their hundreds of Fortune 1000 customers, NewsGator built the Social Sites Engagement Scorecard to allow a company to set goals specific to the organization’s business objectives and the social maturity of its user base. The scorecard then provides a quantifiable and easy-to-read view of a company’s metrics with red, yellow, and green status indicators so executives and line of business owners can quickly hone in on what is working within their social network and what areas may need attention or improvement. For example, when a director of social collaboration runs a campaign within his organization to increase social connections between users, the Engagement Scorecard provides him with a “Well Connected Users” metric that can gauge the success of his campaign and efforts over time.


Research from The McKinsey Global Institute finds that enterprises that have been successful in applying social tools have reported measurable business benefits. The data indicates that broad adoption by employees and integration into daily work flows are important drivers of value in enterprise social applications. The Social Sites Engagement Scorecard can be used to measure user conversion and participation, community and colleague connections, user and community activity levels, and knowledge sharing across organizations. Companies can measure the value of social business efforts; make smarter project decisions by quickly gaining insight into their social network; track progress towards adoption key performance indicators (KPIs) without the need for manual work or highly technical skills; and easily export critical social data to other business data, third-party systems, business intelligence tools, or big data systems. “We built the Engagement Scorecard to be strongly aligned with the NewsGator Adoption Framework. The Engagement Scorecard supports assessment and measurement activities of the framework to provide insights for where you can get the biggest boost in adoption,” noted Melissa Risteff, senior vice president of enterprise engagement at NewsGator. “We are excited to launch this robust services offering as a way for our customers to not only drive employee engagement and increase adoption, but ultimately achieve better business results from their social investment.”


NewsGator’s new Social Sites Engagement Scorecard is generally available. For more information, contact us today.


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