NewsGator helps companies create meaningful employee dialogue with Social Sites for Internal Communications

Organizations seeking to transform employee communications from a monologue to a dialogue can now take advantage of the social enterprise revolution with a new version of NewsGator Social Sites specifically tailored to meet the unique challenges of internal communications. Social Sites for Internal Communications provides a next generation employee desktop where workers can stay abreast of important information in an engaging way.


Organizations understand that improving internal communications delivers real business benefits, from improved employee engagement to increased productivity and more innovation. But traditional communication efforts that push competing messages through a number of one-way channels are ineffective. 


Social Sites for Internal Communications is designed to make information dynamic and shareable, giving people a voice and the ability to interact with real-time information. Social Sites for Internal Communications is also designed to make managing the ongoing communications process simpler than traditional methods. Because it is based on the advanced capabilities of NewsGator Social Sites, users can easily:

  • Schedule and publish communications based on specific time zone distribution. 
  • Target audiences and individuals wherever they are, using any combination of the activity stream, email and mobile push notifications. 
  • Promote your messages to maximize the probability that they will be seen by the people that you are targeting. 
  • Track the reach and impact of your communications.


“Research shows that some of the biggest benefits from social enterprise solutions come from incorporating socially-enabled communications into business process,” said Melanie Turek, Principal Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “NewsGator’s Social Sites for Internal Communications can help companies transform the intranet from a static communication platform to a socially interactive network that can bring tangible business results.” 


With Social Sites for Internal Communications, organizations can quickly and easily create a highly effective and manageable environment of engagement that meets today’s workforce where they live – whether in the inbox or the activity stream. 


“Communications efforts are a key part of creating an informed, engaged and productive workforce,” said Daniel Kraft, President & CEO of NewsGator. “With Social Sites for Internal Communications we've created a turnkey way to transform that effort; to go beyond the static portal experience and create targeted, highly social and persistent dialogues that inform and engage.”


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