NewsGator Releases Social Innovation

Streamlines the End-to-End Innovation Management Process and Accelerates Time-To-Market.

NewsGator has released a new, social innovation solution designed to streamline the end-to-end innovation management process — from ideation, to evaluation and incubation, to execution and measurement. Whether a company desires incremental or disruptive innovation, NewsGator Social Sites for Innovation empowers companies to create an open, innovative-based culture that aligns with corporate objectives and fuels measurable business value, resulting in a more agile company, faster time-to-market, and engaged and satisfied stakeholders.


Companies that use enterprise social technologies increase the number of successful innovations for new products and services by 26-29%, according to McKinsey & Company research. NewsGator Social Sites for Innovation takes the power of one, secure enterprise collaboration platform and helps companies to tap into the creativity and expertise of their global employees to crowdsource, assess, and implement ideas, and also to measure the impact and results of those ideas. This is all done while protecting the company’s intellectual property with existing security and authentication protocols.


“NewsGator is pushing the boundaries of what it means to innovate and collaborate using social technologies. Innovation starts with an idea, but it’s really what you do with it next that matters. You can generate hundreds of ideas and use a best-guess approach or costly consulting over weeks and months to determine which ones to implement or take to market. Or you can source hundreds of ideas, evaluate, incubate, and launch the most timely, beneficial ones exponentially faster using our new innovation solution as a natural, intuitive extension to your existing collaboration infrastructure. How well and fast you innovate can determine your competitive relevancy in the marketplace,” says Brian Kellner, CTO, NewsGator.


NewsGator’s new solution unites people from disparate backgrounds, business units, geographies, and expertise to facilitate spontaneous, diverse interactions – all while managing innovation in a more structured manner. For example, with over 120,000 employees, Renault is transforming how it innovates with NewsGator Social Sites. Renault’s Chief Digital Officer, Patrick Hoffstetter, explains in a recent interview with NewsGator’s CEO, Daniel Kraft: “Enterprise social is a new way of bringing innovation into the company. Innovation is definitely a key part of the DNA of Renault; it’s actually how Renault started. With social networks, we have changed the process from a very traditional way of working on innovation, where you have a dedicated team, with a process and management system to something much more fluid, where any employee in the company can bring innovation in a very easy way. Through the tool, it’s easy to communicate to the people and bring back the content…to find some key concept or ideas.”


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