NewsGator’s Free Adoption Framework Gains Momentum

NewsGator announces that its adoption framework is now available for free to all customers and partners. The adoption framework is a proven methodology, crowdsourced from the best practices of hundreds of successful and partners, to help ensure success when launching and accelerating enterprise social collaboration initiatives.


According to Gartner, Inc., although social technologies are employed by 70 percent of organizations, Gartner, Inc. said most social collaboration initiatives fail because they follow a worst practice approach of "provide and pray", leading to a 10 percent success rate.1


NewsGator finds that when organizations clearly define their goals and align their people, business, and technology to support them, that they achieve higher adoption rates of enterprise social software and better business results.


Unisys, a NewsGator customer and global IT services company with 23,000 employees, has achieved an adoption rate of 91 percent using the key principles in the adoption framework. In a recent interview with NewsGator’s CEO and President, Daniel Kraft, Gloria Burke, Chief Knowledge Officer and Global Practice Portfolio Leader, Unified Social Business, at Unisys says, “[Social] is ingrained in the way we work.” In fact, “The integration [of social into key people and business processes] is where the greatest value is going to come from.”


Comprised of 18 elements, the NewsGator adoption framework is designed to customize a plan that fits a company’s culture, organizational structure, and business goals. By establishing a baseline for a social project, NewsGator’s adoption framework makes it possible to track the progress of specific activities created to positively influence the project’s outcome and maximize ROI. Melissa Risteff, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Engagement at NewsGator helped formalize the framework. She notes in a recent webinar, “Social workplaces are transformative. They’re not just another place to communicate. They are actually the place where work gets done. When you have the right formula, then you can achieve success in making social real.”


NewsGator is sharing its research and methodology freely with all customers and partners to drive adoption deeply within the enterprise. Additionally, NewsGator is empowering its global business implementation partners with a free adoption framework competency training program to ensure their success in the field. Definity First, NewsGator’s Partner of the Year for Emerging Markets, has completed the training and is using the adoption framework to implement successful and innovative social solutions for its customers in Latin America. Mauricio Duran, President of Definity First, says, “NewsGator’s adoption framework aligns with what we see that businesses need when they are implementing or revamping a social enterprise project. It gives concrete processes and measurement techniques to make sure that companies are taking full advantage of their enterprise social networks.” As part of the adoption framework, NewsGator is distributing its new eBook: “10 Tips for a Healthy Social Enterprise.” The eBook reinforces the idea that just as with healthy living, healthy social businesses require regular, positive cultivation.





1. Gartner Press Release, “Gartner Says the Vast Majority of Social Collaboration Initiatives Fail Due to Lack of Purpose”, April 2, 2013.


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