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By now you should all know about ONE, our mobile development platform we acquired last year. Thousands of people’s work has already been made better by building mobile productivity apps that connect hard working people more directly with their daily activities, like recording their time in SAP, approving requests in PeopleSoft, or connecting to SharePoint.

Be Creative, Be Productive

The core idea of Sitrion ONE is to empower your organization to be creative and productive without knowing anything about mobile development or the need for mobile development resources. If you have basic Visual Studio skills, you're good go. Everything else, from the backend integration, to the native apps (yes, native on all big OS's) and of course super powerful capabilities, like security or notifications, are provided by us. Check out ONE to learn more.


Feel the Pulse of Your Organization

Our partner imason, also partner of the year 2014, took the idea of Sitrion ONE literally and got really creative. Just a few days before the US Collective event in Orlando, Jeff Dunmall, CEO of imason, approached us with the idea of a Eureka app they’d like to build to allow the Collective participants to express their personal highlight moments at any time during the event. We would basically be able to feel the pulse of the room, while all of the content would be stored in SharePoint with no trace on the actual devices, a security feature many of you request.

Eureka moments over time during 3 days of Collective US

ONE App to Rule them All

The concept of the Eureka MicroApp was to have each participant download the standard ONE app from the respective apps store (Apple, Android, Microsoft) on their own device (BYOD here we go). Note that you only need to download the app once, each MicroApp, like the Eureka MicroApp, would be automatically available to those it is provisioned to. In technical terms, we turned the Collective into a tenant and had all participants become members. Doesn't that sound like a cool use case for mobile customer care? The technology worked, so now we wanted to see if usability was simple enough to mobilize hundreds of people within just a few minutes of introduction.


50% Adoption in Minutes

And it did! About half of the people at the event participated and shared their highlights during the sessions. I know many of you would kill for a 50% adoption rate in just a few hours :-) Maybe you should go straight to mobile! Hundreds of data points were collected and provided a great picture of what people liked the most about the event. It shows that you liked the keynotes (thanks!) and you like to dig deeper into culture, product, and case studies. We’ll use this information to make future Collectives even better and we'll share more relevant content to you on Engage.

Sessions with the most eureka moments during the US Collective.

Well Done imason

While we love the information about Collective, we’re even more proud of imason who built the MicroApp in just days, with basically no knowledge about the details of Sitrion ONE. It demonstrated really nicely how you can make work better with our technology. I am happy to see creativity, partnership, and technology work so well together. You should check them out and see if they could be of help with your mobile needs and register for their upcoming webinar.


And in case you still wonder what Sitrion ONE is all about, check it out for yourself and start making work better at your company.


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Daniel Kraft, CEO & President

Daniel brings years of executive leadership experience across various high technology disciplines to his role at Sitrion. Daniel is the founder of ifridge and Company, a strategic consulting and investment firm with a success record of building great technology companies. In addition Daniel is an active board member of netmedianer, a European based web and social media consultancy. Previously Daniel has held senior positions in several leading Enterprise Software companies including SVP of Corporate Strategy at Open Text and President and CEO at RedDot Solutions. Prior to that he held senior positions with Commerzbank Securities where he led investment banking transactions in the software market ranging from M&A, IPOs and venture investments.

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