Running on Pure Horsepower in APAC

Last year was the Year of the Horse according to the Chinese Zodiac. According to the zodiac, the horse is not only a symbol of traveling, but also a sign of speedy success. Horses like to compete with others. They pursue freedom, passion, and leadership. And so it’s said, people will have a busy schedule for their goal in the Year of the Horse.

Although my friends will confirm that I am not superstitious, I can’t but help agree about 2014. It was our biggest year on record at Sitrion Asia Pacific, and we doubled our Australian business.

More than ever, I see a bright future for Sitrion in Asia Pacific based on two facets of this dynamic marketplace. First, we are seeing the category of enterprise social software begin to take hold as a mature business process driver in specific industries and sectors such as financial services, insurance, and state and federal government. These organizations have very strict security guidelines and risk profiles that mandate them to keep data sovereign within Australia, and quite often on premise. Sitrion is the leading vendor for the SharePoint ecosystem for on premise solutions as evidenced by our recent success and growth in Australia with enterprise deployments ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 employees. These are significant efforts, and it’s a testament to the strategic importance of employee engagement at organizations you would not consider “social” in the over-used sense of the marketing term.

In order to meet that accelerated demand we underscored our commitment to the region by investing in senior personnel who are well-respected, local experts in key roles such as services delivery and sales, such as Alain Blanchette. Alain makes work better for Sitrion customers as the vice president of sales for Asia Pacific where he brings a wealth of experience in business-centric solutions such as information management and mobility solutions. With over 18 years in the industry, I’m excited to have him on our team as an invaluable asset this year as Sitrion moves into another phase of its growth.

Second, the next era of productivity will be driven by enterprise mobile applications. As the dominant player in social for the Microsoft ecosystem, we have learned how to drive employee engagement and productivity on a regular basis. Based on customer demand, we predict the coming years will focus heavily on the true adoption of mobile applications for each employee. Prior efforts have been stymied by overbearing security constraints and astronomical development costs that have made enterprise mobility a fantasy for most organizations. Now, that has all changed as rapid application development tools like Sitrion ONE solve these challenges at a fraction of the cost of traditional, bloated approaches.

2014 was the Year of the Horse and allowed us to invest back into this wonderful region. 2015 may be the Year of the Sheep, but don’t count on Sitrion to be any quieter this year. Expect the opposite! Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Cuneyt Uysal, Vice President of Sales

As Vice President of Sales, Cuneyt is charged with accelerating Sitrion's global footprint by helping our clients realize business results with our next-generation enterprise social and mobile solutions.


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