SAPPHIRE 2014: An International Perspective

I like international events - it’s so great seeing people from all over the world in one place with one goal. It’s amazing that companies like SAP and Microsoft, with their strong ecosystems, still get all of these folks together in one place, for one purpose: utilize SAP software better. What’s so different about this event than most other events we generally go to is that SAPPHIRE NOW brings together the IT and non-IT people.

I had many conversations with people last week from the USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Sweden, Netherlands, France, India, Thailand, and many other countries. I asked them about their company, what business they were in (if I didn’t already know), and what their main reason was for being at SAPPHIRE. Their most common questions were: “How can you make it easier to work with SAP’s software?” And not surprisingly, “Can I get this on my phone?” So it seems like we’re on the right track with our solutions.


I learned a lot at this event. A short recap: SAP wants to make the lives of its user a lot simpler by taking out the complexity of running its software. This includes now giving Fiori away for free so that everyone can enjoy a better user experience. Finally SAP believes that cloud computing using HANA shouldn’t be an issue anymore because you can have the data where you like it. That should take care of the privacy concerns some countries such as Germany and France have around data locality.


At Sitrion we can only applaud these announcements. In our mission to make work better we embrace simplicity and extend investments in SAP with a host of employee self-service scenarios. We drive employee engagement using our social business platform, and bring it to the world of the mobile worker with our Sitrion ONE product.


Now, we're all back home from this great and inspiring event and picking up work where we left off. Do yourself a favor and stop for a moment to think if you are doing your work differently now. Do you want less complexity and work wherever you want? I’m guessing you do! Contact us and we can show you how.


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