SAPPHIRE NOW 2014 – Day 1 Recap

The first day of the SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Conference started with a keynote from SAP’s CEO, Bill McDermott. The keynote was great because the two key takeaways from Bill’s speech directly tie to our strategy around SAP.

The first takeaway was all about “driving innovation” and “breaking the status quo.” This is exactly how we have approached bringing SAP processes to mobile devices. Our mobile platform, Sitrion ONE, allows companies to focus on exposing business functionality to mobile devices and not the technology itself. It is the only end-to-end mobile solution that provides all the infrastructure, security, SAP connectors, and development tools in one single mobile platform. Each layer of the platform brings innovation to the mobile marketplace, whether it be the single-app native experiences, the cross-platform development tools, or the cloud-based management tools. The result of all these innovations is the fastest time to market in mobile. Our apps are built and deployed in days, not weeks or months.


The second key takeaway from Bill’s keynote was “make it simple.” We couldn’t agree more. While SAP is a great tool for managing business processes for power users, often regular end users are overwhelmed by the complexity that SAP’s screens offer. This is never more evident than when organizations try to enable SAP employee self-services. Why is it that I can order a book online or file my taxes online by myself, but I need a half day training class to update my address in SAP or approve a time off request?

This is why our Smart Routines templates are more relevant today than ever before. As employees continue to expect and demand more consumer-based experiences inside the enterprise, we need to give them access to SAP processes in a way that is just plain “simple.” Instead of bringing the people to the processes, Sitrion Smart Routines bring the processes to the people. Using Microsoft SharePoint or Office 365, you can enable your employees to easily update HR data, approve or reject workflows, or even enroll in their benefits - all from an interface that is easy to use and works on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

After the keynote, the Sitrion team spent the rest of the day at our booth giving demos of Smart Routines and Sitrion ONE. If you are lucky enough to be at the SAPPHIRE NOW Conference this week, we are the booth that is giving away a free “Smart Car.” If you choose the correct five-digit combo to our vault, you will win the car on the spot. While most people were surprised that we were able to actually drive a car into the convention center, even more people were surprised at how “simple” we could make SAP for end users.

Our conversations with attendees have run the gambit from companies struggling to build SAP screens in SharePoint on their own to companies trying to expose HR, supply chain, and financials to mobile devices. It is always encouraging to see the proverbial “light bulb” go off when I showed them our approach.


Fortunately, if you are at the conference and haven’t stopped by our booth, no one won the car on Tuesday. So stop by booth #447 today for your chance to win. While you’re there, ask one of our team members to show you how we make SAP “simple.” If you are following the conference from home, you can find the same great information on our website, at


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