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Secure Mobile Moments of Productivity

My mobile enterprise tour in November and December took me through Europe and North America and included household names like BNP Paribas, CDW, Grainger, JPMorgan Chase, MasterCard, Allstate, State Street  as well as about 30 more. I would like to thank them all for the hospitality, the open feedback, and the wonderful dialogues about the mobile workplace. In a nutshell, their feedback about the next generation of Sitrion ONE focused on two top themes: mobile productivity and mobile security.

Everybody Wants (Secure) Mobile

100% of the customers I met are working on mobile ideas. Some are further ahead than others. Mobile productivity is top of mind, and security is the biggest concern. More and more of them are coming around to embrace BYOD.
This is consistent with the data we are seeing. All security activities are on the rise except banning user-owned phones is declining. BTW: If you’re still working on your mobile strategy, you’re not alone. Ping me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or our customer network Engage if you’re looking for a like-minded peer. I have a lot of great ideas that I’m willing to share and collaborate on.

Moments of Productivity

On the customer tour we talked a lot about “Moments of Productivity.” While the use cases with mobile might be similar to existing activities, the ways you address them are fundamentally different. You might want to read the latest research of Forrester called "Mobile Moments Require a New Technology Strategy.” While the report touches on consumer-facing mobile topics, it gives you a good understanding of why mobile is so fundamentally much more than just mobile applications.

  1. Intuitive operation. The supporting stack of information technology systems may be complex, but the user interface must not be.
  2. Task orientation. Modern applications focus on executing a small number of tasks extremely well. And that means a surgical approach on the backend as well.
  3. Contextual experience. Modern, personalized experiences communicate the context of every data exchange.
  4. Satisfying performance. What used to be proudly termed “web scale” is insufficient in the mobile world. 


Re-imagine Productivity

As our customer you’re already using our technology to increase employee engagement, to get routine work done smarter, and to become a more innovative and agile organization. Sitrion ONE is taking this to a whole new level. Imagine you’re leaving a meeting and make your way to the elevator. You will check your phone, right? What if you could approve tasks from any backend system within seconds, like a purchase order or a leave request? Or think about mobile notifications - not the latest cat picture on Facebook but the latest sales data about a region or who are your most talented people?
My personal favorite mobile use case is the customer check-in. By mapping your meeting schedule with your CRM and SAP data, you create a one-click check-in anytime you meet a customer. This would not just create a quick meeting note in your CRM, but you could also update the entire company or a small group about your whereabouts. In my case the quick posts to our social workplace about customer meetings are among the most favorite for our employees as it allows my team to see what customer I am currently talking to.
Check out the slide deck I used during my customer tour and ping me for a demo. Yes, I am the CEO and I am proud to demo the real product.

Daniel Kraft, President & CEO

Daniel Kraft brings years of executive leadership experience across various high technology disciplines to his role at Sitrion. Daniel is the founder of ifridge and Company, a strategic consulting and investment firm with a success record of building great technology companies. In addition Daniel is an active board member of netmedianer, a European based web and social media consultancy. 


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