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My company’s employees are hands-down our best brand advocates and our most passionate fans. So not only do I need to share the right messages and stories with them, I also need to make it easy for them to join the conversation. Every CMO I know right now is nodding her head, but also knows this is a huge challenge.
Sitrion ONE is a game changer when it comes to employee engagement. More specifically, I can use it for employee advocacy. I am able to internally distribute great stories, and if it’s something I want others to share, they can do so with a simple tap on their phone. 
But what draws them in to do this? My colleague Ronnie Gilbertson wrote a spot-on post last month about adoption. When you make your employee app the place where everyone can receive their paystub, view and swap shifts, check their benefits, request time off, and all the other important people-related tasks we want on our phones ― it’s then also the place where our great stories are seen and easily shared.
I need to be smart about this, though. If I overwhelm people, I will just create an overcrowded platform, like their email inboxes. When I keep it simple, I get great engagement. If you want to chat about employee advocacy best practices, find me on LinkedIn. I’m sure we’ll have lots of great stories to share!

Ken Clements, VP, Marketing

Ken leads our efforts to bring the Sitrion story to the world. He spent the better part of the past ten years working for business partners Avanade and Microsoft. With his own passion for technology and how the right tools can make your life easier, Ken is forever looking for the customer win -- not just making the sale, but also how the customer wins with an amazing outcome from using our software. He also walks the talk, using mobile and social to stay engaged as a remote employee at home in Seattle, Washington.


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