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SharePoint and the new Microsoft

Much has been written about the SharePoint Conference (SPC) and the announcements from Microsoft that accompanied it. Being a strategic partner we're looking at this and asking, what does that mean to our customers and how can we add value?


Jared Spataro was very clear in his keynote that Microsoft's strategy is all about social in the cloud. This is consistent with the conversations we've had over the past two years and was confirmed when I met him in a private session at the event. That's why we have worked together for the last two years to build real social-enabled solutions based on the Microsoft stack. 

Social is more than a stream, it's the solutions you build on it.

SharePoint Investments Secured

With the next version of SharePoint in 2015, Microsoft has sent a clear signal that the $2bn investment their customers make annually is secure. The fact that social innovation is happening outside SharePoint shouldn't come as a surprise and leaves you with two clear options:

  • Go to the cloud now and leverage Yammer as the social communication layer, or
  • Go to the cloud later and leverage SharePoint with Sitrion’s outstanding social capabilities.

Make no mistake, Microsoft in general and Jared in particular have clearly expressed their preference for the first option. And I agree with their direction that the cloud is the future. The good news is that you can make the move at your own pace. But regardless of when you go to the cloud, we're already there to welcome you.


Sitrion in the Cloud

One of the greatest successes at SPC was the live demonstration of our HR Modernization for Office 365. Bringing together the great SAP HR world and the Microsoft cloud world, we showed how you can have your SAP self services be available in Office 365. You really have to see this, as it opens the entire SAP world to every employee in your company right in Office 365. 


At SPC we agreed with Microsoft that we will take their latest cloud capabilities like Office Graph or the Yammer activity stream and embed those right into our HR Modernization Solution. This allows Yammer users to have direct communication with their HR service agent about processes that sit in your HR systems (e.g. SAP or PeopleSoft) like Open Enrollment, requests and approvals, or time and org management. And if you have a workforce that uses mobile devices (OK, who doesn’t), then you should really check out Sitrion ONE, it will change the way you look at HR!


Why Yammer?

One question that came up lately is why we embed Yammer, isn't that a competing product? The simple answer is no. In the last two years we have built our solutions to be open and work in hybrid environments. Some of you chose to stay on-premise and we're the de facto standard for social in that space. Some of you have already or are moving to the cloud and we provide outstanding solutions that help you to get the most out of your investment. Our plan to have all of our cloud offerings embed Microsoft's cloud capabilities and our HR self-services product is just the beginning.


See it Live and in Action

Personally I am excited about the new Microsoft. What started with a refreshing approach to colors and design with Windows 8, especially on mobile devices, has now entered the enterprise space. Clear cut strategy statements about SharePoint and the cloud, as well as the commitment to the partner space, make it so much easier to plan. 


Come see our joint offering live and in action at Collective 2014, our customer and partner event happening in May. Microsoft is the global sponsor for Collective, and will be at all three events in Orlando, Amsterdam and Sydney – another great example of our strong partnership. We hope you'll join us at this enterprise-leading event.


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Daniel Kraft, CEO & President

Daniel Kraft is the President & CEO of Sitrion. He brings years of executive leadership experience across various high technology disciplines to his role at Sitrion. Daniel is the founder of ifridge and Company, a strategic consulting and investment firm with a success record of building great technology companies. In addition Daniel is an active board member of netmedianer, a European based web and social media consultancy. Previously Daniel has held senior positions in several leading Enterprise Software companies including SVP of Corporate Strategy at Open Text and President and CEO at RedDot Solutions. Prior to that he held senior positions with Commerzbank Securities where he led investment banking transactions in the software market ranging from M&A, IPOs and venture investments.


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