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Sitrion at SharePoint Conference – Vision meets Business

This year’s SharePoint Conference (SPC) is a somewhat defining event as everybody is looking to see what Microsoft is going to do with SharePoint. Is it a platform, is it a tool, or both?


“Connect. Reimagine. Transform.”- The theme for this year's conference.


I find the event theme quite fitting. While we’re all excited to learn a lot about the Microsoft product set, let me share what business value you can expect from us at this year’s SharePoint Conference:

Connect: Increase productivity by adding SAP HR Self Services to SharePoint.

People have two types of activities at work, routine tasks and collaborative work. One happens in SAP, the other in Microsoft. What if you could connect those in an intuitive and stunning way? Well, we’ve done that for you. SAP HR Self Services completely integrated in your collaborative SharePoint environment. Your employees are going to love it and it makes work so much better for them. And yes, it all works on mobile too!


Reimagine: Leverage SharePoint to drive employee engagement.

Engagement is the new productivity. Re-imagine the way you do business as social in the workplace has finally reached the maturity to be the key driver for success. This is not about tools, this is about real solutions that help your employees get their jobs done better, every day.


Transform: The cloud made real. Office 365, engagement and SAP.

In a complex enterprise world an engaged workforce needs to stay connected, make smart decisions, and be productive. Transforming to a cloud world does not change those basics of business. We have a unique approach to bridge the two worlds to drive engagement in Office 365 and SAP. Learn more about the business solutions we built on social engagement and smart routines.


The new Microsoft

Personally I am looking forward to see what’s beyond SharePoint, Office 365 and Yammer. Now that all the components come together Microsoft is finally in a position to provide the infrastructure for a new way of work. How do we empower a truly mobile workforce? How do we unlock the passion of our people and how do we transition the idea of social into a new work reality?


This is a great time to make work better and with Satya Nadella taking the lead as new Microsoft CEO, I am excited see you all at the SPC14. And in case you can’t make it this time, let’s meet at Collective 2014 to learn what’s next.


Please visit us at the SharePoint Conference

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And don't forget to stop by booth #1808 to catch up with us at the SharePoint Conference.


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The Future of Work

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Daniel Kraft, CEO & President

Daniel Kraft is the President & CEO of Sitrion. He brings years of executive leadership experience across various high technology disciplines to his role at Sitrion. Daniel is the founder of ifridge and Company, a strategic consulting and investment firm with a success record of building great technology companies. In addition Daniel is an active board member of netmedianer, a European based web and social media consultancy. Previously Daniel has held senior positions in several leading Enterprise Software companies including SVP of Corporate Strategy at Open Text and President and CEO at RedDot Solutions. Prior to that he held senior positions with Commerzbank Securities where he led investment banking transactions in the software market ranging from M&A, IPOs and venture investments.

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