Sitrion Brings Mobile Employee Productivity to the Microsoft Ecosystem

Hundreds of out of the box mobile use cases utilizing deep integration with Microsoft Office 365

Chicago, IL – May 7, 2015 – Sitrion this week showcased Sitrion ONE, the next generation of mobile productivity for the workforce at Microsoft Ignite 2015 in Chicago. With Sitrion ONE customers are able to quickly deploy hundreds of out of the box mobile use cases that deeply leverage their investments in Office 365 and on premise technologies in the broader Microsoft ecosystem. Combining Microsoft’s business applications like Office 365, Dynamics CRM, and Office Delve offer new opportunities for employee mobile productivity.

To demonstrate the power of Sitrion ONE, Sitrion presented a sales enablement scenario featuring how a salesperson would be more productive before, during, and after a customer meeting. The salesperson would get a pre-sales briefing, easily lookup CRM data, check into the meeting upon arrival, enter post-meeting notes, and track expenses incurred along the way. This would all happen in one native app, the user would not know which underlying systems the data comes from – such as data from SAP, documents from Office 365, and even calendar and location-based information from the mobile device.

“Sitrion ONE is all about making work better, and with Office 365 and the powerful Microsoft integrations we are expanding this to millions of employees,” says Daniel Kraft, CEO of Sitrion. “We showcased the sales enablement scenario to demonstrate the power of these two platforms working together. But we could have easily showed any of Sitrion ONE’s out of the box use cases that enable any department in the enterprise. We have been a Microsoft partner for so many years and I am continually amazed by what we can achieve together. With Sitrion ONE and the Microsoft platform, you are now able to run your company from your phone.”

Employees will be fundamentally more productive and better informed to make good decisions because Sitrion ONE provides “cards” with actionable insights based on what is most important for a user in a given moment. People can take advantage of those 60-second moments that occur frequently throughout the day – such as going from one meeting to another or riding the elevator – to accomplish numerous business tasks.

In addition to the Microsoft integrations, Sitrion ONE natively integrates with existing backend enterprise systems like SAP Gateway, SAP HANA Cloud Platform, and many others using pre-built connectors. Sitrion ONE was also recently featured in the SAP keynote at SAPPHIRE NOW 2015. 

For organizations who need to mobilize their workforce quickly and inexpensively, Sitrion ONE is available today. 


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