Sitrion ready for iOS8 and Apple Watch

With the release of iOS 8, Apple once again delivers a lot of great capability to end users. From our perspective, the release of a new mobile operating system means that we need to ensure our mobile clients work well with the new OS and that we look for opportunities to take advantage of new capabilities.

Keeping up with operating system releases isn’t easy. Not only does Sitrion have native clients for most operating systems, but we also have specific versions which are integrated with leading MDM/MAM vendors and we have custom builds of clients to allow our customers to have branded mobile experiences for their users. We have already tested the MDM-integrated builds of our client on iOS8 for the MDM vendors who have made iOS 8 versions of their libraries. We’ve not only validated our Sitrion Social client in all of its versions, but we’ve also tested our Sitrion ONE client on iOS8.

The fun part of a new operating system release is that we get to see how fast mobile is evolving, and we get to brainstorm cool new user stories that we can tackle. Whenever new capabilities are announced by Apple or another player in the mobile space, we get to spend some fun time bouncing around ideas on how to best utilize those new features. Within minutes after the announcement, we had a good conversation going in our internal social stream about how a “glance” on an Apple Watch might fit into a use case. We have spent a lot of time looking at how notifications work for users (particularly in an enterprise context) and with a form factor like a watch, it becomes very important to choose carefully what types of notifications should be displayed and how they should be handled.

Imagine this use case which we can handle with our Sitrion ONE platform. A user enters a sales order in SAP against a long-term contract which is stored in SharePoint. The order triggers an alert based on the customer’s credit limit. Now the sales manager gets an alert on her Apple Watch. What information should be in the notification? What actions should be possible from the watch? Because Sitrion ONE is a platform that lets other developers create apps that solve these problems, we not only need to be able to answer these questions for ourselves but also need to let developers build the functionality they need while following a good pattern. These are the kind of challenges that make our jobs a lot of fun.

So the bottom line here is that we’re happy when Apple releases a new operating system like iOS 8. Sure it creates some additional work for us, but it also lets us be creative and think about how the world of work will change. In the end, helping our customers with their mobile goals and having a chance to help make work better with cool new mobile capabilities makes it all worth while.


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Brian Kellner, Chief Technology Officer

As our Chief Technology Officer, Brian Kellner is responsible for Sitrion's product strategy and development. Brian has held product or development management positions for over a dozen years. Most recently he was Vice President of Enterprise Products for Webroot Software. Brian holds a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an M.S. in Management from Colorado Tech.

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