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The Power of Sitrion ONE and the SAP HANA Cloud Platform

One week ago my CEO, Daniel Kraft, asked me if we could build a demo that shows how Sitrion ONE can leverage the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) for the SAPPHIRE NOW 2015 conference. Initially, our plan was to just pull in some data from REST endpoints that were exposed on HCP based on some sample data that SAP provided.

My team has done a lot of “traditional“ SAP interoperability work in the past using integration technologies such as SAP RFC and SAP NetWeaver Gateway, but we did not have experience with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform until we kicked of this little project. Within a day my team set up an HCP tenant and we were all amazed by the capabilities of this platform. So we decided to not use any sample data and dummy systems but build a full-blown, end-to-end scenario that can be used by real customers with real systems, processes, and data. Then the craziness started as we only had four (4!) days to deliver this complete mobile solution and make it ready for prime time at SAPPHIRE NOW (did I mention the keynote slot?!)

Rather than talk a little bit about all the different departments and use cases that Sitrion ONE can support, we chose to focus on one scenario and tell a deeper story. The scenario we built this around is a sales enablement use case and touches multiple systems and platforms (SAP and non-SAP; cloud and on premise) both for pulling data but also for pushing information into our mobile app. Basically we are supporting a sales rep before, during, and after a customer meeting by providing all the relevant information needed to close a deal. 

Here is the end-user flow for this scenario and the systems that are being used:

Before the Meeting
  • A new opportunity is entered into your CRM system and is assigned to a sales rep.
  • Sales rep receives a notification on their mobile device with two meeting date proposals, the opportunity details, and proposed documents for sharing with the client.
  • Sales reps picks a date, then an appointment is posted into Microsoft Office 365 calendar and the customer contact receives an invite for the on-site meeting with the sales rep.

Systems involved: SAP CRM, HCP Document Services, Office 365

The Day of the Meeting
  • In the morning, the sales rep receives a notification from the app with a customer briefing card that shows him all open opportunities, revenue history, meeting details, and the documents related to this customer.
  • At the time of the meeting the sales rep can quickly “check-in” to the meeting. This information will then be tracked in the CRM system.

Systems involved: SAP CRM, HANA XS, HCP Document Services, Office365

After the Meeting
  • The sales rep receives a meeting follow-up notification and can quickly enter the meeting notes and next steps. The rep can also send out the documents that were shown during the meeting to the client.
  • In Concur there is already a new trip set up for the meeting and the sales rep can simply add their receipts and submit the expense report from their mobile device.

Systems involved: SAP CRM, HCP Document Services, Concur

This is a great example of what companies can do with the power of Sitrion ONE and SAP HANA Cloud Platform (watch the video!) to support their employees and provide them with these mobile moments of productivity. Every step (before, during, and after the meeting) can be done within 60 seconds and doesn’t require the user to login to any of the connected systems directly or even know where the data comes from and goes – and I know most sales reps don’t care ;-)

By the way, just before the weekend we were asked if we can also include SAP Cloud 4 Customers (C4C) into the mix and guess what… It took us only one day to replace SAP CRM without changing any interfaces between our mobile solution and HCP. We simply plugged C4C into our HANA integration layer and that’s it.

I must admit, it was a crazy week for us, but we are proud to show off our cool stuff at SAPPHIRE NOW 2015 and work with SAP’s great new cloud platform moving forward.

Now I need some sleep...

Markus Dopp, Vice President of Mobile Solutions

As the co-founder of our SAP business practice, Markus leads our enterprise mobile solution – Sitrion ONE. He is passionate about cutting-edge mobile technologies and how ONE can make a difference for every user. Previously, Markus held positions in leading companies covering content management and Microsoft/SAP integration where his direction was instrumental in company growth. Whether in product management or sales, Markus inspires our customers with the vision of how work should be done – simplifying complex processes with an easily accessible and intuitive mobile experience.


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