Sitrion, SP^CE, and the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

Our values as a company is SP^CE.  An acronym for our strategic framework: Social, Pragmatic, Visionary, Competent and Empathetic. It’s the “E” of empathy I take into account when writing this short blog.  


At Sitrion we are all sports freaks! Soccer, Amercian football, rugby, baseball, cycling, field hockey, ice hockey, fencing, pool (we have pool tables in our offices), etc. You name it and we, or our kids, play it!


Sports are a great way to express oneself, learn about teamwork, and understand what it means to win, but also how to lose. Through sports we learn how to empathize with each other. This also helps us in our daily work doing everything we at Sitrion can to make work better for our customers and customers to be.


Being sports fans also means competition! If it’s the Red Sox versus the Colorado Rockies, Eintracht Franfurt versus Bayern, The Wallabies versus South Africa, or Holland versus Argentina, we enjoy the friendly banter of competition! It brings us all together! Globally even! It’s just what sports can do.


So when Collective 2014 was organized in Amsterdam we thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could share the fun and banter of the World Cup Soccer in Brazil with all of our customers?" So being pragmatic, we went ahead and organized an online World Cup football pool where anyone can join in on the fun.

We created an online football pool where you can:

  • Predict all the upcoming World Cup matches in Brazil
  • Compete with everyone else in the pool
  • Organize your own sub-pool with friends and colleagues
  • Win great prizes
  • Support a great charity; The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation

We want you to have fun predicting the outcome of all the matches and we encourage a little friendly competition. We also believe we have the responsibility to give back, which is why we're also using this pool as a way to help others in need. We will be supporting The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation


Laureus collectively harnesses the power of sport to promote social change (and celebrate sporting excellence). The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation raises funds to provide financial and practical support to more than 150 projects which use the power of sport to provide coaching and education to young people in some of the most challenging or deprived environments around the world.


So if you want to join the fun and support the great things Laureus does globally please register, predict what you think will happen at the World Cup, and donate. Every cent counts!


After you have registered you can read all about Laureus, how you can predict the results, how to make a sub pool with colleagues and friends, and learn about what prizes can be won. 

So, if you want the coming FIFA World Cup to be as exciting as possible... register and let the fun begin! 

And please don’t forget to donate!


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