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Being a technical resource with Sitrion’s Solutions Engineering team has been a challenging but very exciting experience for me. My current role is to support the implementation of Sitrion technologies driven by our very talented Engagement Management team.


Just yesterday I was on the phone with a customer that was in the first week of their go-live in production. I was just amazed to see how quickly so many communities had been spun up in the few days that the system had been live. I saw an abundance of shared information on the activity stream in the form of profile picture updates, microblogs, likes on document edits, ideas campaigns, and even polls on which people had voted and expressed their thoughts on the new social platform. Initially, we faced some technical challenges but those were taken care of pretty quickly and the end result was, well, simply awesome!


Integration with SharePoint

Our products directly integrate with SharePoint so right out of the gate we are leveraging a known platform. Because the majority of the customers that I have worked with already have an established SharePoint landscape and architecture, my job is made easy. We can skip right past the architecture design phase and get right to Social. There are technical considerations that need to be taken but for the most part, those considerations are easy to address. For example, we replace SharePoint’s default ‘What’s New’ web part with a personal activity stream. Other customizations that need to be considered, especially on SharePoint web applications, are usually handled on a case-by-case basis.


Deploying our product and integrating it into a current SharePoint installation is pretty straightforward. Our installer lets you choose which web applications to deploy social features too. Your users’ My Sites will be enhanced with a richer activity stream that contains notifications from the colleagues you already follow along with any communities that you are a member of.


Business Requirements and Use Cases

Our deployment, once scoped, based on use cases and business requirements can be challenging, but very rewarding. With use cases defined upfront, you can start off by satisfying the immediate business requirements of a project or delivery team. This is exactly what our Engagement Managers do for our customers everyday. They understand your business and define a plan to make processes easier to achieve by helping you define the workflow and measuring that success. Has your account representative spoken to you about our Engagement Scorecard? It’s a great tool to help measure your progress against goals.

Our customers are doing it successfully

I recently worked with a customer that had a difficult business requirement. The sales force needed to surface employees’ expertise on an extranet sales portal in order to capture and reuse the knowledge that was being shared in communities and other activity streams. The objective was to get questions directed to people that were subject matter experts in and out of the context of their communities and colleagues. Our software can automatically route questions to users that have updated profiles claiming to know about a specific subject. Furthermore, our Knowledge base was deployed with a global knowledge base, allowing subject matter experts to move conversations where they could be easily referenced. With the use of hashtagging, users are now able to search and find knowledge in a single place making their overall experience easier.


Promoting Adoption

There are many built in features built into our products that can make your deployment successful and meaningful. I have seen many customers use our badging and recognition capabilities to promote adoption. These features allow you and your community managers to recognize and reward users for their actions and activities by creating automatically assigned badges. There are several other web parts that can be utilized in a variety of manners to expose those recognitions.


What’s your use case?

Our Engagement Services team can assist you to create a deployment plan that utilizes people engagement, business alignment, and technology enablement (also known as our Adoption Framework) to really harness the power of Social in your organization. Do you have a unique use case? I’d love to hear about it!


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Gabe Moncada, Lead Solutions Engineer

Gabe attended Varsity College in Cape Town, South Africa and has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems and Information Technology. After traveling the world, Gabe is now a husband and father and made Denver, CO his home town.


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