Social in the Context of Work

Last week Gartner released the Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace and I see great alignment with our approach to enterprise social. Gartner is spot on with their assessment that the future is about “embedding collaboration and social capabilities in the context of work, wherever that happens to be.” 

This is exactly what we’ve been experiencing with our customers. We have hundreds of customers taking the lead in the space and breaking boundaries by improving employee productivity through social and process integration. I encourage you to watch Mastercard, Mercer, Renault, and Unisys all share their journeys with our CEO, Daniel Kraft.

Make Work Better

The key is to put social in the context of work and integrate with the business activities that help your employees get their jobs done. This is where our deep enterprise expertise with SharePoint, Office 365, SAP and Oracle come in handy. With more than 550 customers we traditionally score well with Gartner on execution. This year’s Magic Quadrant also showcases that Sitrion is on track with our strategy. Gartner highlights that “Sitrion is undergoing a significant change in strategy, aiming to capitalize on the interest in stretching and extending existing business processes (and the systems that support them) into a mobile, social and cloud-based platform”. 

Yes, our strategy is evolving but in fact we’re much further along than the report suggests. We have real product with real customers in the market. Today you have basically two options. You can go along with a single vendor strategy from IBM, Microsoft and SAP or you take a look at Sitrion as the de facto standard when it comes to a unified social and process experience across multiple ecosystems. 

It's All About Transparency

If you read our blogs regularly you know that we are very transparent in our approach to the market. Daniel often shares updates our vision and mission and why we’ve taken certain steps in our strategy. Being this transparent requires strong execution. Gartner has recognized our strength in execution two years in a row and I believe this is a testament to how fast we move and our commitment to deliver.
With another Magic Quadrant delivered, we graciously accept our Challenger status and encourage those of you who nod your head in agreement with where the social market is headed but have invested in a solid multi-vendor approach to give us a call. I am confident we can help. And you already know we can deliver.


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Stefanie Lightman, SVP Corporate Strategy & Global Marketing

Stefanie Lightman brings 20 years of technology marketing and strategy experience to her role at Sitrion where she is responsible for driving Sitrion’s vision and strategy along with key marketing initiatives to drive customer acquisition and retention. Stefanie is a long time marketing professional, passionate about turning great ideas into real revenues - the advantages a clearly defined strategy and strong alignment between sales and marketing can bring to an organization. As co-founder of ifridge and Company she has helped many technology companies successfully align their strategic direction. Previously, Stefanie held executive roles for several technology and software companies including Open Text, RedDot Solutions, Akamai Technologies and Sun Microsystems.

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