Star Trek Meets Office Space in Enterprise Mobility

We don't need Dr. Emmett's DeLorean to travel back in time to remember the rise of enterprise social networking (ESN). Since roughly five years ago, ESN has taken over our organizational structures; and as it seems, the story is far from being written. Slowly we are being freed from the classic manager and employee roles; and we are growing into progressive wire-archies, or networks of people, that explore new ways of information sharing, knowledge harvesting, and global collaboration.
Translating that into practical day-to-day business value means ESN is allowing employees to be productive anywhere and at any time.
Implementing a collaboration platform optimizes your intellectual capital (Note: please ping me if you would like to know more about use cases around ESN and how your organization can benefit from it), but a lot of our work time gets stuck in boring and mandatory tasks like actions, SAP routines and processes, updating SharePoint documents, Workday routines, Taleo requests, and not to mention the custom ware solutions using all sorts of custom-built databases. It's these work obligations that immobilize you and derail productivity from your day.
Surely a lot of these platforms have dedicated mobile apps and some organizations, you'd be surprised by how few, have their own custom-built internal apps to do one specific use case. At first glance having apps on your mobile device sounds like a great thing, but in reality it means going to apps to get specific data, cutting and pasting information on a very small screen with fat fingers, fiddling with your VPN for authentication, and so on. To be honest, this kind of working is forcing my way of thinking into the way an app is meant to function.
This shouldn't be, right? This is not how work will get any better or, even more important, not how I want to work.
Let's take a look at the average IT platform landscape in a reasonably big company. There are most likely many platforms, and a few with some overlap. Imagine a solution that fetches updates and actionable items from backend systems and pushes them to a mobile device where employees could do their administrative mandatory clicks, read up on the latest company news, and perform approval processes. Next to that, imagine this solution can recognize your behavioral patterns, so it can offer suggestions and be clever in the way and timing it serves you those actionable items.
Doesn't that sound like some awesome Star Trek meets Office Space kind of cool?
It does and the best thing is that it is available in the form of Sitrion ONE. We focus on being productive in any moment, freeing backend systems into the mobile world, questioning the future of apps, and translating processes into cards and learning systems.
If you have a million questions right now, and you should, reach out to me on LinkedIn or drop me an email; I can show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Takis Tap, Engagement Manager

Takis Tap has formed his career on the crossroads of communication, marketing, and IT. His passions and experience focus on translating business needs into measurable IT projects, trend watching IT for future business opportunities, and changing transactional cultures into relational cultures. As an Engagement Manager with Sitrion he prides himself on being creative, a true listener, and helping customers with a variety of different issues tackle them with the same solutions.


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