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After being on the road for the last three months, visiting customers, partners, and tech shows, one of the key questions I’m asked is always: Why did NewsGator acquire Sitrion and why is it good for me as a customer/partner/potential customer?

And I'm pleased to tell you that anyone at our great company is more than happy to talk about this.


Let me share with you the five most resonating points:


1. Empowerment = HCM Self Services + Social Intranet

The key reason why employees are disengaged is either the lack of relevant and important information or information overload. Both are caused because employees do not have the ability to see content streams, which are important to their context. Often organizations have just push mechanisms for information, but employees demand for pull. When you combine HCM Self Services and a Social Intranet, you empower the people to pull information and you add business value to the Social Intranet, which results in adoption for both.


2. Productivity = Structured Onboarding + Informal Learning

When you are new to a company, the structured onboarding process helps you to quickly get used to the companies infrastructure and processes. While this is a great start, you will quickly realize that you need to access and learn from your peers to be productive. Mentor programs are great, but inefficient, because another resource is kept away from being productive. With a Social Infrastructure, you are able listen to conversations, ask questions to unknown experts, find answers and knowledge on your own at your pace and so on. You will see the time to productivity decreases a lot.

3. Efficiency = Industrialized Processes + User Experience
Within the last decade, organizations spent billions of dollars to industrialize the business on a digital level. While this made some parts of the organization more efficient, complex systems reduced efficiency for most of the organization. Let the experts use expert systems, but provide a great experience for the casual users, so that they are able to execute routine tasks faster, wherever they are, and whatever device they want to use. An additional efficiency boost is when you add the power of a social network too (e.g. by adding the ability to ask questions and get the best answers from unknown experts).

4. Expertise = HCM Master Data + Social Activity
Have you ever wondered who in your organization knows the most about a certain topic or has a certain certificate? Sometimes some of this is stored in an HCM system, but most times it is not. The beauty of having a Social Intranet in place is that you know a lot about your organization. By analyzing the activity within your Social Intranet, you can easily identify experts in an organization.

5. Talent Loyalty = Great Brand + Kick Ass Social Workplace
Every organization I talked to agreed that winning the war on talent means providing a state of the art workplace, especially for top talent. Top talent is used to leveraging social networks in their personal life and they are not willing to compromise in their professional career. If the organization does not provide such an infrastructure, they will use either non-IT compliant tools or they will simply leave the company. Keep top talent away from complex systems like SAP and integrate those processes into your kick ass Social Workplace to drive employee engagement, productivity, and loyalty.

Do you have other ideas and experiences of why intertwining Social and HCM is a great value add for your organization? We'll be discussing these concepts and more at the upcoming SharePoint Conference and the HR2014 Conference. Please come by our booth as we'd love to talk with you.


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Markus von Aschoff, Vice President, Portfolio Management

Markus has spent his entire career helping technology companies ensure that innovation stays at the forefront of growth and educating on how to communicate between the product and the market. Prior to Sitrion he has co-founded a strategy consulting company, helped entrepreneurs to quadruple their business and started two martial arts schools having trained more than 500 martial arts students.

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