Stop Playing Ping-Pong with Your Mobile Apps

The other week we had our company kick-off for the second half of the year. On the second night we all came together for a ping-pong tournament – a little competition always makes for some fun bonding time.

On the plane ride home I was thinking about the entire week - the great dialogues and the fun ping-pong matches. I quickly realized that even though we randomly picked ping-pong as our group activity, there are so many synergies between the conversations we had earlier in the day and the game we played in the evening.

Getting work done can be just like a game of ping-pong.

In many large organizations the average employee needs to navigate so many systems to get work done. Of course we all have our jobs to do but dealing with all the administrative tasks feels like the game. You go to one system to submit a leave request, another to approve a workflow, a third to submit expenses, and then back to the first to approve another workflow. I am sure you can think about your company and how this resembles your job.

Navigating too many apps.

Even when working on your mobile device you still get that feeling of back and forth. How many times do you go from one app to another to take care of tasks? Shouldn’t it be easier? What if the task came to you at the time you needed it? We talk to customers all the time about moments of productivity. The simple idea that you should be given information or tasks at the time you need it changes the way you go about your day. Instead of playing ping-pong with the apps on your phone, you receive what you need when you need it.

More time to play.

If you regularly read the Sitrion blog stream, we’ve recently been talking  about “moments of productivity.” If you haven’t had a chance, I’ll point you to a few posts:


There are so many great examples and what I get from all of these ideas is that we all have this smartphone in the palm of our hands – how can we make ourselves as productive as possible and streamline those things that traditionally take too much time? Ultimately, it’s about making work better and allowing us to focus on the most important things. And in our case last week it was a ping-pong tournament. Unfortunately I didn’t take home the championship paddles, so the more productive I can be the more free time I will have to practice for the next match!

Stefanie Lightman, General Manager, North America and APAC

Stefanie Lightman brings more than 20 years of experience in technology marketing, business development, and strategy to her role at Sitrion where she is responsible for all customer-facing activities for North America and APAC. Stefanie is passionate about turning great ideas into real revenues showcasing the advantages a clearly defined strategy and strong alignment between sales, services and marketing can bring to an organization.


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