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When I first saw how fast you could create a functional mobile app against SAP with our mobile ONE platform, I was pretty blown away.  Recently, I’ve started playing around with our new SharePoint connector, and I’m really excited for the implications it brings for organizations who run SharePoint. One of SharePoint’s strengths has always been it’s ability to allow non-technical users to create simple applications to solve business problems.
Now that ONE is able to leverage SharePoint as a backend system, I feel like the possibilities are endless to create quick and easy mobile capabilities.  Need to get some key sales documents out to people in the field via their tablets?  Create a SharePoint document library and spin up a simple ONE micro-app to open and view the PDF’s.  Want to publish news, track customers, or capture survey results?  You can through easy setup with simple SharePoint lists.  This all works regardless of whether you are working on-prem, or with O365.
Here’s an example I threw together of an app based on SharePoint.  It lets you use a contacts list to create a phone directory for easily calling/emailing colleagues:Pba_JTWzeZk

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Tom Sigler, Director of Solutions Architecture

Tom has 10+ years of experience in enterprise IT, with a background in portal development and solution architecture.  He hails originally from San Antonio, Texas, with a degree in information systems @ UTSA, but now hangs his hat in San Francisco, CA.  Over the past four years, Tom has been helping Sitrion customers be successful with their enterprise social computing deployments, as well as facilitating the design, development, and roll-out of Sitrion’s business solutions.

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