Talking True Self Services

Yesterday I had the opportunity to deliver a webinar based on a presentation I put together for the ASUG event in Canada last month.
The webinar was called “The Five Pillars of True ESS & MSS” and my goal was to share some compelling use cases I’ve seen where companies took a hard look at ESS and MSS and made it exactly what it’s intended to be – true self services. We explored five pillars which on their own have impact but together really change the way employees operate.


It’s no surprise that self-service success requires ease-of-use but what I’ve seen often is that this topic immediately ties to UI but it is so much more than that. Ease-of-use when done right is all about making the transactions and processes engaging.


The term self-service often relates to individuals doing tasks on their own but the reality is that collaboration can be a key element for success. Imagine the simple scenario of a vacation request. I can log on and request my vacation time but if my manager has questions he needs to call or email me and this can be more difficult when we sometimes chase each other to connect on the topic. Adding collaboration into the mix can be powerful. Watch this short video that shows the power of adding social conversations into a simple process like a vacation request and the impact you can have.

Integrated Workflow

Let’s face it, sometimes the way a big system plans out a process many not be the way things always work. Workflow is all about bringing the employee and manager through the workflow in the way that makes sense. Not the order required by the system but the order that is easy to understand and navigate.

Seamless Experience on Any Device

You can’t talk self-service and not talk mobile. If we want our employees to own things we need to make them accessible. I’ve seen great examples where self-service is done purely on a mobile device. Let’s face it, if I need to enter or approve a vacation request or add my weekly time, I should be empowered to do this on any device and from wherever I am.

Manageable & Extensible

We live in a world where things change everyday. I am sure you can relate to the frustration that each time you roll something out, things change. The organization changes, the rules change, the market changes. Change is inevitable so we don’t want to be burdened by systems that can’t change. The first four pillars I talk about in the webinar are all centered on how we go about offering true self-services and the fifth one is about you. You need to find solutions that can grow and extend with you and empower you to take advantage of every investment you’ve made in your organization.
These are my five pillars based on my experience but I am sure there are more. If you’ve come across other attributes I’d love to hear them. Reach out on Twitter @sblightman


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Stefanie Lightman, SVP Corporate Strategy & Global Marketing

Stefanie Lightman brings 20 years of technology marketing and strategy experience to her role at Sitrion where she is responsible for driving Sitrion’s vision and strategy along with key marketing initiatives to drive customer acquisition and retention. Stefanie is a long time marketing professional, passionate about turning great ideas into real revenues - the advantages a clearly defined strategy and strong alignment between sales and marketing can bring to an organization. As co-founder of ifridge and Company she has helped many technology companies successfully align their strategic direction. Previously, Stefanie held executive roles for several technology and software companies including Open Text, RedDot Solutions, Akamai Technologies and Sun Microsystems.

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