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We speak to a lot of knowledge managers and executives at our large enterprise customers and one thing that often comes up is “We don’t know what we know.” Employees’ brains are chockfull of valuable knowledge and great ideas but how do we get to that information? After all, day in and day out, your workforce finds themselves in situations where they learn and build experience, and accomplish great achievements that could benefit everyone. All this knowledge is invaluable information for improving processes and services – as well as an IP protection issue.

Sitrion’s mission statement “unlocking the power of connected people” is exactly what we had in mind when we built our social collaboration tools. We combine this with one of the tenets of social collaboration, as stated by a consultancy firm a couple of years ago, “everyone can participate”, when looking at innovation in larger organizations.

Admittedly, innovation has a different meaning for every company. Where one is happy to get the old-fashioned ‘suggestion box’ concept going, others are re-inventing themselves every couple of years by incorporating everything in the collective memory of the enterprise in the process. Others build a product so revolutionary and new that it completely disrupts the existing market and sparks a whole new community of enthusiasts. Whatever your take on innovation is, we’re here for you. 

Our Innovation Solution is deeply integrated with your SharePoint collaboration platform and it facilitates the full circle of innovation management. Establishing and communicating corporate objectives helps employees to focus on a specific area when submitting their ideas in the Idea Campaign community. After this crowdsourcing exercise, employees help you prioritize ideas because you have set up voting in the time-boxed, idea-gathering phase. Next, you easily import the top ideas into an area we call an Innovation Lab, where subject matter experts (SME) and project sponsors submit and share content like feasibility studies and external research. The SME’s also evaluate the ideas in the lab based on predefined criteria that align with your corporate objectives. Of course, social collaboration in the Innovation Lab’s activity stream is included just like in the Idea Campaign community.

In addition to our own product feature campaigns that we use to gather new feature requests from our customers, partners and employees, the case of State Street is a great example of how this solution is being used in practice. State Street, voted Social Leader in 2013 , started an innovation rally around “How can we improve our business?” which raised a stunning 12,000 ideas in merely 72 hours. After closing the loop by completing the evaluation stage, about 400 ideas culminated into 16 projects with an expected positive outcome. A lot of those ideas were for things that already existed, but people didn't know about them.

There’s great power in your employees’ minds. Unlock it!

Bert Jan van der Steeg, Engagement Manager

Since 2012, Bert Jan van der Steeg has been working with Sitrion’s European clients as an Engagement Manager. The terms engagement and adoption are part of every conversation he has with clients who are focused on making social technology work for their employees, and simply looking for ways to make work better.


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