The Anatomy of an Enterprise Community Manager

Last week I hosted a Sitrion TALKS session with a panel of awesome community managers. The basis was one of my favorite infographics, Inside the Mind of a Community Manager. We had a great conversation on internal and external community management and some of the synergies and differences between the two.

Afterwards, I got thinking. Is there a graphic to represent the make-up of an Enterprise Community Manager? Not that I’m aware of. Since then, I’ve been busily whipping up my latest creation: “Anatomy of an Enterprise Community Manager.”

I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments and feedback! Does this sum up your role as an Enterprise Community Manager? Are you thinking about hiring one and now feel clearer about the role? 


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Luke Sinclair, Director of Community

Luke's personal mission is to to make employees smile and love their workplace by lighting up social networks and online employee communities, empowering the voice of the employee. Luke’s role is critical to the survival of humanity; by nurturing better relationships at work, people are happier, healthier and have a better life which in turn leads to world peace!!!!!! Luke brings his vision for engagement to all things Sitrion where he helps make social a reality for businesses around the world.

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