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The End of Legacy

Over the holidays I watched “The Theory of Everything” - the movie about the life of Stephen Hawking and his wife, Jane. It is a wonderful movie, especially if you’re a fan of his work, like I became after I read “A Brief History of Time.“ Among many things Hawking worked on the ‘Many-World Interpretation’ (MMI), which is an awesome way to explain the world (or to drive you crazy).
“In lay terms, the hypothesis (of MMI) states there is a very large - perhaps infinite - number of universes, and everything that could possibly have happened in our past, but did not, has occurred in the past of some other universe or universes.” - Wikipedia
The core idea is that anything that is possible will happen somewhere or sometime. So every past and every future is possible. While the particular version of you lives in only one of those realities, it raises the question if there is something like the one reality.

There is No One Future State

The idea stuck in my head while I used my free time over the holidays to read up on mobile technology research and found Gartner’s “The Future of Mobile Apps and Their Development”, highlighting that there is no one single future waiting for us.
“There is no one future state with mobile technology: As soon as one aspect stabilizes, another enters a phase of radical change.” - Gartner, October 2014
The whole research is interesting, but the phrase “the end of legacy” made me think about the approach we’re taking on mobile technology. It is developing so fast today that once it is implemented it is already challenged by the next version or another radically different approach.

Fluid, Constantly-Evolving Services

In the past, change in technology has been disruptive but it has happened in waves that lasted for some time, and with each wave we left behind something called a legacy system. But with an increasing speed that logic may not apply anymore and we’ll reach a point were change becomes the only stable factor. In such a world, every investment decision will be a micro-decision that needs to be part of a fluid, constantly-evolving set of services. Organizations would need to be super agile to benefit from such fluidity.
The term ‘legacy’ might soon be called a legacy term.

Daniel Kraft, CEO & President

Daniel Kraft is the President & CEO of Sitrion. He is passionate about innovation in the workplace, with a particular interest in social collaboration, mobile work style and the integration of work and life. He is public speaker on various topics involving employee engagement and productivity and has been featured on TEDx. Daniel has held executive positions in several leading enterprise software companies and worked in North America, Europe and Asia. He is married and has five children.


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